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  1. SuzieOz

    Crumbly bottoms on soap

    I had a similar thing happen a few months ago when it was Winter (and it gets very cold down here in Tassie) - and our wood heater was broken so we were relying on the heat pump. My soaps became crumbly on the bottom and sides like they weren't gelling properly or something. As soon as the wood...
  2. SuzieOz

    Essential oils

    I've just discovered Tangerine EO ... ohhhhhh so gorgeous ... I put it in hand cream and body cream.
  3. SuzieOz

    what homemade hair products do you use?

    I can't find where on the internet I originally found this recipe for hairspray, but I love it! Lasts for weeks in the fridge. HAIRSPRAY 2 teaspoons refined sugar 1/2 cup hot purified water 2 tablespoons vodka 3-5 drops essential oil for scent (optional) Heat water to just under the boiling...
  4. SuzieOz

    Thread titles and my very strange mind.

    Brine soap gone nuts - totally cracked!! Quick, straight-jacket and get it put away as quickly as possible!
  5. SuzieOz

    Bubble dough experiments

    Oh cool!! I have everything I need ... thanks for the link! :)
  6. SuzieOz

    Mission Rebatch

    The two times I've rebatched using all different kinds of soap with various scents and colours, they ended up smelling awful even though I tried to mask the scent with something similar. I'd never do it again. Both soaps looked really pretty though. I vote confetti also.
  7. SuzieOz

    Thread titles and my very strange mind.

    Is my first candle alright? Relax ... I realise you're new to this but, yes, he's perfectly fine ... melting normally, skin nice and waxy ... now let's wrap him up and put him to bed. You'll be a pro by the time you have your next candle.
  8. SuzieOz

    My Latest

    Very nice! I'm especially liking the "camo" one.
  9. SuzieOz


    Well, there you go, I'm 50 years old and I never knew you shouldn't wash "down there" with soap. I missed something in my education somewhere ... :razz: I must say, though, that peppermint oil can give quite the zing ... not unpleasant though ... :o
  10. SuzieOz

    SMF May Challenge- Interpretation, not Imitation

    I thought they were all awesome. Well done you three and thanks newbie, that was fun. :D
  11. SuzieOz

    Many, many thanks!

    Yep, that's what I did the first time ... :? Next time I know. Great forum this huh? :razz:
  12. SuzieOz

    Weekend soaps

    Oh I love the orange! ... I'm a bit into neons :-P Well done you.
  13. SuzieOz

    Browsing soap pics

    Oh yes! I see the wallaby ... :razz:
  14. SuzieOz

    Curing soap - the proof sure is in the pudding!

    Thank you MySoapyHeart, I found your story really interesting to read, and I have taken your advice to heart.
  15. SuzieOz

    "What Fragrance Oil Are You? Quiz

    My daughter and I both got cherry blossom too - You are Cherry Blossom Fragrance Oil! You are known for your sweet and kind nature. Your friends would describe you as generous, sensitive and imaginative. You tend to be more introverted and are a loyal and supportive friend to those close to you...