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    October 2020 Challenge - Tall and Skinny Shimmy

    I have a regular sized mold, and I cut up cardboard the length and width of my mold, but increased the height and voila...a tall and skinnier mold. I use costco small garbage liner (print on outside) to cover over the cardboard and in the mold. Yes, the wrinkle lines on final product are...
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    Obsessed with art of making soap

    Hello, I live in California and I was working in Hospice. I resurrected my interest in making soap after many years, and its very therapeutic for me. I find that I'm improving more and more as I read this forum, gain ideas for new soaps and watch youtube videos. I stumbled into this forum by...
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    Welcome Rain!

    Wonderful. Can the soap dough be used with any CP soap?