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    The engery saving thread!!!

    I'm a fan of CFL's because we started out with incandesants, but then switched to all CFL's and our electric bill was cut down to a third of what it was. Check with your electric company to see about rebates for purchasing energy saving appliances, if you are in the market for an appliance or...
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    All Natural Fragrance Oils? HUH?

    Wow, I didn't even look there yesterday. Nice! :)
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    All Natural Fragrance Oils? HUH?

    WSP has "all natural" FO's now, and I don't quite get it. The ingredients say: "Blend of essential oils, resins and natural aromatic ingredients. All Natural." Is it an FO because of the resins and natural aromatic ingredients?
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    This soap is somethin' else....

    LOL, it just looks like if you did just a little too much swirling, you'd get a big blob of brown!
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    MP and shimmer! Pictures :)

    Oohhhh, pretty! :) Those are great and nice pics, too.
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    Glycerin Soap. Sorbital a sugar solution???

    Woohoo, I may have totally earned my keep today! I did a little digging and this is what I've found. There are two ways to make transparent soap: 1. Sorbitol 2. Simple alcohol and sugar solution You need both the alcohol AND the sugar solution working together to use that method...
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    Weight Watchers

    I've never done WW, so I'm clueless. Wow, I wonder why they're so hostile? I mean don't they all wanna help each other lose weight? Glad there's a friendlier board available...
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    pics of today's batch

    OOHHHH love the cut pics, too! :)
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    Glycerin Soap. Sorbital a sugar solution???

    I'm pretty sure that you can absorb a little sugar through your skin, but not enough to make any difference one way or another (you can absorb a lot more through the skin on your gums, though). However, you can get a higher blood sugar reading on a meter after washing your hands with soaps that...
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    Best Scents for MP soap?

    I have one "bakery scent" that I've tried and can recommend from wholesale supplies plus: Chocolate Drizzle. Smells JUST like brownies, yummm. :)
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    M & P question

    You can experiment with different oils and see what you like best. Everyone has their favorite. :) My fav is jojoba.
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    frustrated... bf says soap making is too dangerous

    SoapyGal - I humbly apologize. I thought since some of the words I had used were in your post, that it was directed at me, and I am very sorry I misunderstood. You are right, I should have checked first, that was my mistake. I'm almost 7 months pregnant and I was very tired last night, I...
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    frustrated... bf says soap making is too dangerous

    Wow, I was just trying to see past the frustration and suggest that maybe, just maybe they need to sit down, talk about it, and come to some sort of compromise. Relationships take compromise. And sometimes, when you vent in an online anonymous forum like this, it is easy to get out all your...
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    pics of today's batch

    Ooh, can't wait to see cut pics, cuz it already looks awesome!