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    Dental soap

    Tooth Soap I don't think shea butter would taste very good, just my opinion. It seems like cocoa butter with the OO would be a better choice.:smile: After reading some of the posts on here and around the internet, I just tried one of my Hibiscus tea fragrance free salt bars made with CO...
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    Small qnty packaging

    I've noticed that tins are expensive. I found new deodorant tubes on ebay for a good price, but have never bought tins because of the prices, sorry. Hopefully someone else can help you, keep searching the net, or use recycled tins. :-|
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    My new website

    Website sales, local co-op Very nice website, organized and clean. You did a great job, and your soaps sound wonderful! I do not sell many soaps from my online store, except a few nice big orders to people I met at other sites such as listia. It helps to give away some samples:) I sell a lot...
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    Salt bar with lard?

    Sounds great. How did it turn out?
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    Hot Weather: This is a first!

    It seems Salt bars are a good hot weather soap to make, someone correct me if they have had a bad experience due to the summer heat. I used the room temp. oven method and they turned out same as usual even though we keep the a/c at 80 because our house is surrounded by trees (and I had my first...
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    What's your next soap experiment?

    Almond milk soap Did you use Silk (or one of those in the carton) Almond milk, or has anyone ever used it? Your idea for Coconut Almond milk sounds great. I made some Pina Colada shampoo bars/soap and ground up dried coconut, added at trace. It came out the way I was hoping for as a light...
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    What's your next soap experiment?

    Beer soap warning-Volcano possible I have to tell you, beer soap can volcano and smoke if you do not use an ice bath, I just had one with my homebrew (very potent stuff!) :evil:. Luckily I was in the basement with the lye container sitting in a large tub and Vinegar handy. I lost a lot of...
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    Has anyone made Salt Bars with Beer?

    Beer and salt bars Thank you! I did not use individual molds for the salt bars. It was a square wooden box lined with waxed paper, then I cut them after 2 hours in the oven. Luckily they did not crumble. I went to last night and made up a new salt bar recipe trying to get more...
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    Has anyone made Salt Bars with Beer?

    Beer salt bars Thanks :D
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    What's your next soap experiment?

    Yes, only cold strong brewed coffee instead of water, 1 t. ground instant coffee, and 1 T. Special Dark Cocoa at trace to 32 oz. oils. To the other batch, just cold strong brewed coffee, and at trace added 2 T. ground coffee grounds for color and exfoliating. I love it! :D
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    What's your next soap experiment?

    Mocha Soap It will work just fine with cold strong coffee and cocoa powder. I used the special dark cocoa powder from Walmart. Have not used milk yet. Have fun with Castile. :razz:
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    Has anyone made Salt Bars with Beer?

    I am trying a batch tonight. I have made shampoo bars with Dark Side Vanilla Porter beer, Wheat Germ, and Bayberry FO that are my best seller so far, and have made a couple batches of salt bars with water, Red oxide, and Honey Almond FO (they smell like Cherry!). Tonight I am experimenting with...
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    What's your next soap experiment?

    Making Chocolate soap darker Sounds great! Adding a little cold strong brewed coffee along with cocoa powder gives a nice rich Brown and does not seem to alter the fragrance, especially with Chocolate FO. (The first pic is the second batch of cp soap I ever made. The second pic has Chocolate...
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    Hot Weather: This is a first!

    Don't be so hard on yourself, I'm sure it is still very nice soap! The humidity is making my hot process crock pot shampoo bars stay soft a whole lot longer than in the winter, or any other time of year. I had to set them near an air conditioner vent.
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    Crumbly salt bars

    It sounds like you may have waited to long to cut, but salt bars are known for that. It helps to flip them upside down on (waxed paper) to cut. The first batch I made cut just fine. I used the oven method for 2 hours then cut right away while still warm. The second batch I made to late at...