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    Coconut Oil for Laundry

    Yup! Plain coconut soap disolves fine in cold or hot water. I grated the soap and let it dry a day. Then I mixed 1 pound of the soap with 2 cups borax, 2 cups washing soda and 1 cup biz. I ran it through the blender and it is perfect. Sudsy
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    Coconut Oil for Laundry

    I just grated up my all coconut soap and plan use it dry this time. I always add about 1/4 cup white vinegar and just a touch of Downy(2 Tablespoons) to the final rinse. The clothes smell nice and fresh. The coconut soy soap was stinky..I threw it out! I am expecting the powdered form to...
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    Weekend Soap Pot :Nov 7,8,9

    I'm making laundry soap and also goatsmilk with oats and scented with delicious orange essential oil. Seriously need to buy supplies to continue soapmaking. Sudsy Bubbles
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    1st Milk & Honey Soap

    Beautiful!!! I love the mold too! The color make the soap look nice and creamy. Sudsy Bubbles
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    Me again! With another question.

    Coconut and palm both tend to overheat in my soap. I use a lot of coconut and palm because it make such a nice hard bar. I rarely cover my soap except to help the corners of the mold to gel. Honey,beeswax,sugar and milk also cause overheating and cracks. Been there...done that...
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    Coconut Oil for Laundry

    Hummm...Nobody told me you can't use all coconut so that what I do because it doesn't have any odor to it. I just grate about a pound of it and add washing soda and borax. I think it disolves much easier without the other oils. I recently tried adding plain vegetable oil and soaped it at 0%...
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    Snow Drift Farm Fragrance Oils

    Hi Boopie...sorry but I just saw your post. I have used a few of their FO's and I'm sure that they were strong and stuck with the cp but I am positive I used more per pound. It's been a while but I never use less than 3/4 to 1 oz per pound in cp. I like lots of scent. Maybe less would be ok for...
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    Air Bubbles !! sure you have safety glasses on when you tap the mold to smooth out the soap. It can easily splash into you eyes, Ask me how I know! Sudsy Bubbles
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    Shea Butter

    Thanks Deda. I guess that will go on my wish list. Sudsy Bubbles
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    "Large Scale" Tips & Tricks

    Man... are you ever creative and thrifty! Did you learn how to do all this by trial and error? Sudsy Bubbles
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    in need of major help!!!

    I agree with reallyrita that the soap might not be safe to use. It almost looks as if it curdled the milk. Better to be safe than sorry. Sudsy Bubbles
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    Stewing Plant Essence In Lard

    I've only tried this once and it came out nice. I added my essential oil to the lard before mixing in my lye solution. The spearmint scent was awesome for a 100% lard soap! I would think you could do the same with plant material but probably won't get much scent from it. It might even...
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    Shea Butter

    Where is the best place to buy shea butter? I am interested in whipped shea and read the post about "blocks or chunks of shea". I thought it was soft. Is it more in the form like a hard chunk of tallow? I have bought it before but maybe it already had something added to it. Thanks Sudsy...
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    my favorite lotion receipes #1

    Thank you Monet...that is kind of you to share. I've not made much lotion except with a pre-made base so I am excited about trying your recipe. I have to get some ingredients but I'll let you know how it turns out. Sudsy Bubbles
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    Goat soap ya'll

    Very nice! I have never used aloe instead of water. You have inspired me to to Wal-Mart. Sudsy B