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    Thank you..
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    Can this be used?

    Thanks so much..
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    Can this be used?

    I saw this in the store and was wondering if it could be used in soap? Saco Brand A Cultured Blend of Sweet Crea Churned Buttermilk, Sweet Dairy Whey, and Lactic Acid
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    RTCP.... A question

    Ok, so the question is when you use the rtcp method does your soap gel? The reason I am asking is since I have started using this method mine doesn't. I use wood molds and insulate yet there is never a gel.....HMMM
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    My first coffee soap

    Thanks.... I really appreciate the feedback..
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    My first coffee soap

    I just cut them this morning, they are still kind of soft...
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    New site published!!!!

    Love the new site... Its very fresh and inviting..
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    Anyone use these?

    They are called "the life of the party" they are plastic molds for mp.
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    Anyone use these?

    Has anyone used the plastic molds you get at the craft store for cp? Can they be used for salt bars? If so how long do you keep them in the mold before taking them out? Any help would be appreciated.
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    My newest soaps

    I did these yesterday.... I did the salt bars for the first time...Thanks for looking.
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    Can this be used?

    Thanks Ian.... I was hoping to use it as I did not have any FO's but alas I guess I cannot....
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    Can this be used?

    Can you use vanilla extract in cp?
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    Some of my finished soaps

    Hey Dag...went to the link, but can't figure out how to order the free die....
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    Brand lye?

    I get mine at Lowe's... It is the Roebic brand and I pay 7.00 something for it...
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    Anyone Use Mica?

    Also, can I mix the dry mica into the soap batter, or do I need to mix with oil or water before adding to my batter. So many ideas - so many questions. I HATE screwing up a batch, cuz it's like money down the drain, and feels so wasteful and depressing. You didn't say whether you were...