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    Show me your SAPONIFACTORY!

    I am so jealous of all those scents!!!--- and the cabnet-- its a wonder piece! I soap in my kitchen and store everything under the the staircase. My DH just put shelves in there for me and I fgot a bunch of plastic boxes to put everything in. (I found mice in there and yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)...
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    3 Things that I bought for making soap that I've never used.

    I use a plastic pitcher also. I never thought of making up more lye water than I need and storing it. Sound very convient!!! Wouldn't have to wait for it to come to room temp either. Does it settle? It doesn't eat thru the bottle? You measure out the same amount of liquid that you need in the...
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    Question about using my crockpot

    Do different recipes volcano? I guess I'm not sure I understand that part. I have done the same recipe 2x this week and 1 went fine and the other did volcano. I racked it up as I got the oils and lye too hot the 2nd time and the mix just got too hot too quick. First time that has happened with...
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    Question about using my crockpot

    What do you mean oven to cook? I'm not understanding that. What do you put that in to cook it? Do you keep stirring?
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    question about lip balm colors

    I bought some "lakes" and feel you have to use quite a bit just to tint it. Hope this helps in what not to buy.
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    Can someone help with a newbie?

    I love a copy too if you dont mind. Thanks
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    I have a spot that I cant seem to control. I would be very interested in trying anything at this point. Its on my foot and have since given up wearing cute shoes and have a hard time taking my kids to the pool cuz you dont wear shoes. I'd really like to wear sandles this summer again and not...
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    Goat milk lotion question...

    I would like info on this too if y ou find it out. Do you know what the shelf life is when you use liquid milk? Do you have to keep it in the frig?
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    lotion calculator?

    Sent a PM for the calc. Will it give you info on fresh milk as well as adding the powdered milk?
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    Goat Milk Lotion

    Ok when using fresh milk-- cow or goats-- isnt the shelf life only 1 month and has to be kept in the frig?
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    Spiced Cedar Soap Cake - Ready for the Holidays

    what type of bunt pan do you use?-- a metal one? or a silicon? plastic one (that you microwave)? Id love the shape
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    sea salt stupid question

    Great idea!!
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    Can someone share experiences with different emusifiers?

    Id like info on this too-- thanks
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    Unwrapped bath bombs?

    Do they get a flat spot on the bottom? How do you shrink wrap them? Do you put anything in there to preserve them? I have made some and after a month or so it seems as if the scent smells funny. It is very humid where I live so i usually have to wrap soon after I make them. They go into a small...
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    my favorite lotion receipes #1

    Is it 60 grms of any of thoses listed-- coconut or mango or shea or cocobutter-- or is it 60 grms of coconut, mango butter thern either shea or cocobutter?-- hope that made sense! You said to melt the waxes.-- Just melt the emulsifying wax until melted then add the oils/butters or all...