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    Essential Oils from Michael's

    I had such a bad experience with them that I have not used any of the scents in CP again. Would also comment that the scents used in MP did not last very long. NO GO is right !!!
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    Worst fragrance

    My wife wore Channel #5 for many years, so when I saw the Fragrance Oil for sale, I bought a 16 oz. bottle and was excited to make a CP soap bar with it. Smelled great out of the bottle, but once I put it in the batch, it turned to the most awful smell. The only thing I could compare it to was...
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    What made you pick your avatar/ username?!

    The name Southpaw soaps came from a combination of several things, I am left handed, I live in South Carolina and my dogs are my kids and I imprint a paw mark on my packaging. My intention is to upload a photo of my dogs for my SoapMakingForum page.
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    Inventory and batch tracking software

    I signed up twice and never heard back. In replying, the question was asked if I was using it for personal or for business. I said both and thought maybe that was the reason I did not get a reply as he only intended it for personal use. Thought it a bit rude to not even respond to either...
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    NG 10% off

    The code is...BLKFR2018 for Nature's Garden's 10% off sale good 11/22,23. Also note that The Chemistry Store is having 20% off also good 11/22,23.
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    Life Changing 3 Weeks

    Deepest heartfelt condolences on your loss and regards to both you and your family. Know that our thoughts and prayers are with you as you navigate through this tough time. My long distance hugs go to you.
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    Essential Oils from Michael's

    I hate to add to a subject that other consider "Beating the topic to death", but I feel the need to interject my opinion based on my own personal experience using the Michael's Brand, Simple Serenity. They are reasonably priced EO's in a variety of scents that using the coupons make them a good...
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    Making Perfume

    There are some great perfume making videos on YouTube that show easy ways to make some great fragrance. Most show a combination of 15% fragrance oil and 85% alcohol. You can use a distillers alcohol which is 100% pure, or a 91% which is available at most drug stores and several even use Vodka...
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    Dishwasher tabs

    You can get a big box of 20 mule team borax at Wal-Mart for about $4 bucks. I use it for laundry soap too.
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    Can I save this batch?

    Although several on here have said it would be fine after cure or will reabsorb, I have had this happen a couple of times and did not find that to be true. It just never made a usable bar even after a six week cure. It happened once when I used an essential oil made by Simple Serenity that I...
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    Where do you buy your oils, supplies, etc?

    Although I would agree that WSP builds the cost factor into their products, it really depends on what you are shopping for. I tend not to purchase FO's from them unless on sale and use them for more basic items. You can get a 50 lb. box of Palm Oil (shortening) delivered for about $62 bucks. I...
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    Where do you buy your oils, supplies, etc?

    I love Wholesale Soap Supplies, they ship fast and with only a $5.95 handling fee, it helps on total costs. I live in South Carolina and use The Chemistry Store at for a lot of my supplies. Also found Rustic Essentials at is a great and fast shipper of...
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    First 5 lb loaf

    Nice recipe, I always add about 10/15% Palm Kernel Flakes to add hardness to my bars. Never used Hemp Seed oil, how did the bars work out for your ML ?
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    Hello from KY

    Hi Ashley !!! Welcome from South Carolina !!! I grew up in Southern Indiana and believe central Kentucky is one of the prettiest areas of the Midwest. Especially this time of year. We are always here to help
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    Round 2 -

    Just tried it with my favorite recipe. Looks really good, a lot of information.