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    SMF September 2020 Challenge - Marble Stone Inspired Soap

    1. Catscankim have been wanting to try this technique 2. Primrose - love this style! Hopefully, I don't lose my marbles trying to achieve it ... 3. Arimara - I may fail but at least I'm experienced with this brand of fail. XD 4. Elizevh - Oooh, So Pretty. I can't wait to try this out. 5. dibbles...
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    SMF August 2020 Challenge - Zig Zag Cosmic Wave Technique

    1. msunnerstood. Im a glutton for HP Punishment 2. Jersey Girl- Looking forward to trying this technique. 3. sarahmarah-I’m down. Looks fun. 4. MissChief - only because I need to make more soap.... seriously! 5. SudsyJurn- first time in a challenge, yay! 6. AliOop - already thinking about...
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    Is homemade laundry soap really a good idea?

    I make my own laundry detergent and have been for 4-5 years now. I originally made it with fels naphtha, and then baking soda, washing soda, sodium per carbonate (the stuff that makes oxiclean oxiclean), borax and mixed it and used two tablespoons for a large load of clothes. Three if the...
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I just ‘cleaned’ my stash of bacon grease! I dismantled a large cabinet that was holding nothing in my soap space. Had no shelves, was extremely large and awkward. First time I’ve been able to even think about doing soaping in six months.
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    What's the deal with solid shampoo

    Ok. I mean I could be mistaken. I’m willing to admit I may be making an error somewhere. It is in my plan to obtain a ph testing electronic device. I believe I am storing my strip paper correctly, and I am able to distinguish between the shades well. But ok. I have read similar accounts of...
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    What's the deal with solid shampoo

    But I have liquid soap, made with KOH, adjusted to 5.5 ph. I don’t know why it works with KOH, maybe it’s how I’m treating it that prevents it from separating. I know that yes, the chemistry is there for it to separate. But I currently have made liquid shampoo, no syndet, Potassium...
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    Mixing lye outside

    I master batch my lye outside and keep my NaOH solution in a container that is marked and out of reach of children and animals with a spout on the container for easy dispensing. Once it cools down, it’s easy to heat the solution back up if you need to on a hot plate in stainless steel.
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I haven’t soaped except for the one attempt at the challenge this month. Too much other stuff going on. I did stare at my curing soap mounds. I smell them. I have a small loaf of CPOP that seems to be ok. I think my oven may run hotter than the 170F it claims to be its lowest setting. I need...
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    What's the deal with solid shampoo

    On the other hand, I have no problem making a liquid shampoo with a ph of 5.5. Liquid shampoo doesn’t travel well though.
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    What's the deal with solid shampoo

    @Emmanuel I just tried this with two bars. I weighed out grated cp soap into a 10% solution and fully dissolved it to find the ph of my bar. I then weighed and added citric acid to my solution until I reached a ph of 5. I notated the weight of citric acid to make the bar the desired ph. I...
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    My soap becomes too hard after 3 hours

    Hello! Welcome to soap making! Congrats on your first few batches of soap, whether it’s a success or not, you have made soap! :) Many many many batches lay in your future, some will be excellent and some will be disasters. What is the foaming agent you added and then subtracted? Are there...
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    SMF January 2020 Challenge Signup thread - Book Inspired

    @bookreader451 i have a feeling I too, have homely homeless soap
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    Can you make your own dividers?

    I have seen people use thin cardboard from cereal boxes as dividers as well, one time use, but it’s a reuse of a recyclable and degradable product. Reusing thin plastic for dividers, cardboard, etc. imagination and reuse. It’s made me look at my garbage in a whole new light. I’ve cleaned up my...