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    June SMF Challenge- sci-fi themed soap

    I was so caught up wi5 life that I totally forgot about this month’s challenge.. ****!
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    June SMF Challenge- sci-fi themed soap

    Sign-up 1. Soapprentice - May the force be with us all for this challenge .. ;) 2. 3.
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    Hello from a Land Down Under......

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Hi people

    Hello... welcome!
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    Lurker says hello

    Welcome to the forum!
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    My Creamy Cocoa/Shea GLS Tutorial

    So guys, it's summer here and there is an interesting experience... The liquid soap did not turn pearly opaque... It is cloudy clear.. and when we move the bottle to an air conditioned room, the opaque action takes place and once it is moved back into the room temp, it goes back to the cloudy...
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    New Soaper

    Hi.... welcome to the forum
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    Formulating Liquid Soap

    So, I tried this, but when I dilute the soap, it looks milky and there is no zap to say that milkyness due to unreacted lye.... is it common when we use NaOH?
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    Stearic acid an emulsifier?

    No worries.
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    Stearic acid an emulsifier?

    No worries, I should have mentioned in the comment about me being from India as majority of people are from the US. The resources here are very hard. We have to educate even drug department on some stuff sometimes. So it is going to take me a while to find out for sure. Sadly, not a lot of...
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    Stearic acid an emulsifier?

    I’m sorry for confusion and hijacking.. I heard someone say it or may be I misunderstood it to be this way... also, this is in India. So, I am very sorry for the confusion. They must be saying it with regard to the loophole discussed above. I am sorry, I shouldn’t have repeated anything without...
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    There MUST be a better way to clean up after CP making ??

    I usually scape everything humanly possible out of the utensil into the mould.. let it sit till the soap saponifies. Soak them in water for half a day.. at this almost all the soap gets soft and off the utensils and finish off with dish soap.
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    Hi from the UK

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Formulating Liquid Soap

    Thank you. I will give it a try.
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    Formulating Liquid Soap

    Hi.. it’s been a while but I just got the time to try the surfactants in liquid soap. I want to know how and when do we add them to soap? While dilution or after?