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    SMF April 2021 Challenge - Lollipop Swirl

    I just got my Stencils from Wild Platanica, too! Hope to use them soon! I had ordered some from Amazon but the rod was in the middle and destroyed your design so I found these! Can’t wait to try them! Blessings on your Soap Entry!
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    Hi there!

    WELCOME!!!! I love you soaps! You are quite Talented! Blessings!
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    Adding FO to lye water

    I do the same! It works well for me. However, I do it with only EOs & FOs I’m familiar with because you can have ricing. That’s only happened once and I will not be using that FO again! This saves time and so does the Heat Transfer Method of allowing your Hot Lye to melt you hard oils & butters...
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    How many soap makers get insurance?

    If you make soap and sell from your home, you need a Business License, even selling on Etsy because that is the location of your Business. Your Labels must show the location of your Business where your products are made. I strongly suggest HSCG for educating yourself to the many details on...
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    I've bought a house!

    Congratulations! Look what God did!
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    Dark Patchouli

    I will no longer use them after they were not receptive to my complaint about the E. O. I’ve spent thousands of dollars with them but never again. They should have weighted out the consequences of not replacing my product. I have been an advocate for them but that’s the past! Time to find a new...
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    How many soap makers get insurance?

    Just a tip. Insurance through HSCG offers Insurance and I got mine for $500/yr. The Best Money you will ever spend. Always get your Business License from your County. The Penalties are outrageous and definitely not worth it! If you are an Single LLC but files as a Sole Proprietor, you do get...
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    Problems Using Different Beeswax

    Hi! Beeswax has become an Allergen to many in the last few years. Just thought I would make that point. For that reason, I do NOT use it.
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    Jasmine EO/absolute?

    I apologize! I misspoke! Jasmine Essential Oil is very expensive because it takes 8,000 Flowers to make a gram! It makes no sense to use it in Soap because you will never make a profit. I assumed everyone knew that. Of course it is not an Essential Oil. However, it works quite well and smells...
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    Jasmine EO/absolute?

    I said the same thing until I gave it a try!
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    Jasmine EO/absolute?

    Ingredients Benzyl Alcohol 1.83%,Linalool 9.86%,Benzyl Acetate 22.09%,Indol 3.03%, Benzyl Benzoate 24.84% ,IsoPhytol 3.42% ,Phytol 10.81%。
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    Jasmine EO/absolute?

    This is one of my Favorites from Amazon for $15.88/100ml. HIQILI 100% Pure Natural Organic Jasmine Essential Oil- Beauty Skin Care Relax Meditation(3.38oz.)-India
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    What soapy thing have you done today?