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    Help I overheated my soap!

    I think so. I read online that when the soap is left uncovered and the conditions are right, the soda ash will take on a crystallized form. I cut it and the soap is firm but very oily, so I am going to try my first rebatch. Fingers crossed that this works. I don't know who is suffering more...
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    Help I overheated my soap!

    Well, it solidified but some strange looking crust formed on the outside. It was supposed to be beer soap, 10% superfat with olive, coconut and palm oil and some ground oatmeal. Strange that it didn't work. I guess I will reheat and try again.
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    Help I overheated my soap!

    Thanks. It looks like it hardened some over the last few hours and the top may end up a little cracked. I'll give it another day and if it doesn't work I'll cook it. Seems like the essential oil didn't blend in for whatever reason because the oil that is dripping is fragrance oil. Maybe it...
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    Help I overheated my soap!

    I made soap last night and put the container on top of the radiator intending to remove it after a few minutes, only to forget it overnight. This morning it looks like gel with a thin layer of oil on top. I am leaving it uncovered and off the radiator, but want to know if there is anything I...
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    First Etsy Sale!

    Congrats on your first sale! :clap:
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    Soap Colorant Bleeding-Ooops!

    I used alocohol and it took most of it off, I hope. Will definitely try the saran wrap and steam and check out you tube. Thanks for info! :-D
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    Soap Colorant Bleeding-Ooops!

    BTW, there is a thin white non-caustic film on the top of some soap. Do you know how to remove that or prevent that? I rubbed the top with alcohol but if I can prevent it, even better!
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    First Shave Soap in Mug and Altoid Tin

    I thought with HP the soap is no longer caustic and won't react to the tin?? :confused:
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    First Shave Soap in Mug and Altoid Tin

    You know, I was soa glad theI recipe worked it didn't occur to me to leave some space for lathering. Ha ha maybe I can scoop some out or redo if necessary.
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    Soap Colorant Bleeding-Ooops!

    Thanks, Hazel. Come to think of it, I should have reduced the amount of oxide but hadn't realized I didn't divide the soap evenly. Details...
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    Altoid Tins

    Here's how the shave soap turned out: http://www.soapmakingforum.com/showthread.php?t=40641
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    First Shave Soap in Mug and Altoid Tin

    I made shave soap for the first time to give as a gift this holiday season. I used songwind's recipe, substituting leather FO since the recipient likes the scent of leather and instead of crockpot I used the double boiler method. Here's what I learned: 1. KO is more reactive than Sodium...
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    My Christmas soap!

    Wow, very nice! I love how creative you were with this project.
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    Clayish/Oil Smell in Soap

    Sounds pretty. Definitely post the picture! :)
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    Coffee Soap Adventure

    Beautiful soap!