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    Soap Pot Weekend 7/18

    i hear ya! i'm with you. my funds are a little low this week, too.
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    Recipe Question

    wow... that was fast! thank you all for your help. i thought the total amount of oils, lye and water would give me an idea of how much soap each recipe called for. still, my brain was overthinking things again. :oops: paul, you know your stuff, i will try your equation also. cpsoaper...
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    Soap Pot Weekend 7/18

    what an adorable name for a soap! i think you've got a creative one there... i'm going through mountains of recipes and compiling some ideas... wish me luck!
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    Recipe Question

    hey everyone! i'm ready to take the big step into cold process soaping. here's my question: i have read alot of recipes, tried the soap calculator (which is a big help) and picked a basic recipe to try. the recipe does not tell me how much soap i will produce. is there any way for me to...
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    My salt bars.

    wow, salt bars... i've never heard of them. they look GREAT!!
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    How did you find us?

    google was my method, too... searching for answers to my never-ending list of questions. :lol:
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    Hello from Virginia

    hi guys!! i'm a soaper in VA. i've tried the melt and pour soaps and now i'm about to venture into the cold process... :shock: what a cool forum! i look forward to chatting it up with everyone real soon.