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    To those who ship to canada?

    Just be aware that any international postage printed on line (paypal and click-n-ship) you are limited to the classes that you can send. You can't pre-print first class international postage. When I ship to Canada, I prefer to use click-n-ship it's easier for some reason, and yes you will...
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    shipping challenge

    I actually check that each and every time I mail a package out. I check the amount of s&h the buyers has paid me and what I paid the USPS, and give the buyer a refund of the difference of anything over .99 cents.
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    HARD bar recipes?

    I suggest you sit down with soapcalc and just start working with oils and numbers until your happy with the results. I'm not posting a specific recipe because I have no idea what oils you currently have or what your preferences are. But yes it is possible. Personally I think 40 is plenty...
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    Rebatching Help...

    ok going back and re-reading...... I'm not sure if salt bars can be rebatched...... they are different than regular CP soap because of the added salt, and so much of it......
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    Rebatching Help...

    Another thought is to not use 100% coconut oil....... how about 70% coconut and the remainder other various oils of choice? salt bars don't suds, it's more of a lotion type lather....... very creamy
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    Rebatching Help...

    when did you add the salt?
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    Rebatching Help...

    can you post the exact recipe you used and the amounts of each ingredient.
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    Tallow only soap recipe?

    Are you asking about a recipe that ONLY contains tallow or are other oils acceptable as well. (coconut, castor, sunflower, soybean, safflower, one of the many butters etc) BTW, I think it's great you have goals set for the future, and while it's a lot to understand and learn, it's really...
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    Testing PH

    Tasting will only tell you if lye is present and not the pH of it. I personally don't test the pH of my CP soaps. I know this topic has been discussed quite a bit in the past, have you tried using the search option to read up on it? If your concerned about having lye still be present in...
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    goat milk lotion recipe needed

    but it would have made dandy wallpaper paste.... Well I might have needed to add a horse hoof to get the stickiness, but it was way to thick to use..... But it was a great learning experience.
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    Lotion turned out frothy

    I've never used olivem 1000 before so I can't say anything about that product or how it's used or the outcome of the final product. But you don't mention a thickener such as stearic acid being used? But I'm guessing the salt might be the issue. A long time ago I tried to make an Epsom...
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    Wedding favor help

    Thank you Tabitha, I edited my post to say i was sorry for making that error. But it's also very important for people to give all in the important information necessary when posting, which was not done. And I wasn't the only one who made assumptions about the vague information given...
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    goat milk lotion recipe needed

    I had to dig but I found a picture that I took of it. (I was working on the recipe with a friend using instant messenger, so i had to take a picture to send her.)
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    goat milk lotion recipe needed

    I didn't mean to offend but I was working with something and experiementing and I found it was SOOOOO THICK it was was not something i would recommend. Plus the plus side is that it helped me come up with a new product that does well for me.
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    goat milk lotion recipe needed

    That would be some thick cream !!!! Oh wow, similar to a recipe I worked with and was trying to formulate something but ended up reducing the stearic acid and e-wax on. You could have used it for wal-paper paste it was that thick. Least to say I ditched that recipe, and the above recipe has...