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    Lotion: The Following Ingredients: Will It Work? And More Qs

    You could certainly make a whipped body butter with some of those ingredients but i dont think you would be able to make a lotion you would need some kind of emulsifier and I've always used stearic acid as a thickener, I dont think it would emulsify on it own. Do a thread search for whipped...
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    What brand essential oils do you use?

    I really, really love naturesgift.com BUT it is not a budget option and probably for the serious aromatherapy/perfumery enthusiast. It is owned and run by a very knowledgable lady and her oils have never failed to amaze me. She really does source the best essential oils and absolutes in the...
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    Scents and oils safe for babies

    Hmmmmmmm, honestly i wouldn't use anything on babies especially under a year, unless you are a trained Aromatherapist of course. If you do decide to use the oils please warn the mother that you have used EO's and advise her to research the oils and make an informed decision for herself.
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    My homemade Shealoe butter--whipped

    Ah ok that makes a bit more sense then. Just looked it up and it says its 100% pure aloe gel but actually it has other ingredients in..... Aloe Vera Gel, Triethanolamine, Tocopheryl Acetate, Carbomer 940, Tetrasodium EDTA, DMDM Hydantoin, Diazolidinyl Urea Don't know what they all are but...
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    Herb infused oil

    I really want to start infusing oils to use in my lotions and potions. Everything I have read recommends using extra virgin olive oil, which I will for some recipes but I'm not overly keen on the smell of extra virgin, so I have to questions 1.) has anyone tried regular ot light olive oil 2.)...
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    My homemade Shealoe butter--whipped

    Wow it looks gorgeous, but I'm confused :? altough that doesn't take much these days :P How does aloe gel (water based?) and shea butter (oil based?) not seperate???? I love shealoe butter and use alot of it but I buy it ready made and was under the impression that the aloe part was aloe...
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    Cats and Esstential Oils

    Eo's can be deadly for any living creature, including humans, if given in the incorrect dosage. I would suggest buying 'The Fragrant Pharmacy' by Valerie Ann Worwood (I think it has a different title in the US). She is a world renown Aromatherapist and there is a whole section on Pets in the...
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    Diving in to MP

    Hello All I'm going to take the plunge and order some MP soap. I have a few questions. Is it as simple as it sounds, do I just melt and pour? Or does it have to be done at a specific temperature? Can I add stuff to it other than FO & EO, things like salt and dried herbs? What...
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    Deo containers

    I'm always doing this lol, I go back through my old invoices to remember were I bought stuff.
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    Where is everyone from?

    From the UK, but living in NJ for the last two years. Moving back to the UK within the next year.
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    Essential oils to keep bugs away?

    HI Karina Unfortunatly mozzies seem to love me also and I always have a really nasty reaction to the bites, nasty and inflammed and enormous lol. I use Citronella, Lemon, Geranium, Tea Tree and Neem Oil in a fractionated coconut oil (because its nice and dry, not too greasy), I pop my...
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    Another Newbie

    Hello Everyone I have been living in NJ for two years, I'm originally from England and will be moving back to the UK at the beginning of next year. I love making my own cosmetics and I love essential oils, I have had a real since I was a teenager and hope to do a couple of courses in...