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    Hello from SE Oklahoma

    Welcome! I'm sure you will love soap making! We live in Ok too!
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    Thank everyone! Yeah I love my babies! :D Good luck with your web site!
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    We use homestead. I'm still trying to figure out all the paypal thing but it was pretty easty to set up! Here is our web-site! www.swingingkdairygoatfarm.com If you go there you will see that I'm still working on our soap page :oops: so..... Check it out and tell me what you think!
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    Soap Pot weekend: Aug 8-11

    Tabitha, Will you share your deodorant recipe with me? I have had a request for some and the person wants it on saturday at the FM. Emily
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    Lotion Recipe

    Hello! My friend gave me their recipe for GM Lotion. I've kinda swiched a few oils and butters but it is not a lot different. Do you think it will work? Here it is... 3 1/2 oz cocoa butter 7 oz shea butter 2 oz coconut oil 1 1/2 oz sweet almond oil 2 1/2 avocado oil 1/4 oz olive...
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    Lotion Help!?

    Hi all! I'm TRYING to figure out a GM lotion! I'm placing an order with MMS right now for some of the things I'll need. I think I found a recipe but need help! OK what is: palm stearic? IPM? And......... Phenonip? I think Phenonip is an preservative... Right? But i was planing to...
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    Luscious Lather Shaving Soap for Legs

    Sounds GREATTT! Have a recipe? TTFN!
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    Leather Scent

    UGGGGG SORRY!!! I ment to click preview! :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :evil: Thank you anyway for the links!
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    Leather Scent

    No experience using these myself. Hopefully someone has tried them and can give you a better idea. In the meantime: http://www.naturesgardencandles.com/can ... item/rf-81 http://www.sweetcakes.com/product_info. ... cts_id=438 Does not specify B&B safe, you can always ask...
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    Leather Scent

    OPPS! I guess I Quoted the wrong thing! :oops: :oops: Can you tell I'm new to this Foruming thing!? :?
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    Leather Scent

    Does anyone know were I can get a good leather scent? One that smells like a saddle? And is CP safe??? THANK YOU! TTFN Emily Kreger
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    Free samples?

    Lane, Bye the way your avater is cute! TTFN Emily
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    Who's thinking fall?

    THANK YOU! :oops: So are they pretty good?
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    Second batch today...Spearmint/Lavender Pics Added

    VERY NICE! SO were do YOU get your eos & fos?