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    Not rendered Frozen Tallow

    Great ide! Thank you!
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    Who are your favorite Soap Making Supply places/persons?

    I love NDA for my EOs/FOs and shipping from them is always timely. Other vendors I use: EO - Appalachian Valley Natural Products I liked that I could get small samples, not really enough for any product but just to smell at a reasonable cost. Essential Wholesale The Essential Oil...
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    Nobody wants to try shampoo bars unless they're free...

    @KiwiMoose your bars are oh sooooo smoooothhhh.
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    So happy to find you guys!

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    Not rendered Frozen Tallow

    @AliOop, I’ve never purchased tallow (although did pay for our part of this cow) but have checked out prices at other suppliers. It’s crazy to see how pricey it is! I don’t know what to do with the cracklins. I just put them in the fridge for now. No one I know has chickens at the moment. That...
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    Not rendered Frozen Tallow

    The Rendering! I’m going to wait to do anymore because this is quite a bit of tallow and I’m going to be revisit g some recipes to use it up. Halfway after the first pour second half the end nice and creamy! I don’t know how much I started with and my scale doesn’t weigh more than 7lbs. I...
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Ohhhhhh it was yesterday and I lost about a gallon of castor oil. thought I’d make soap while tallow is rendering. Still rendering btw…went to measure out castor. I have a cubit container that started with 37 lbs that I got from SC. Should last me a while! I thought. I left the spigot on. For...
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    Nobody wants to try shampoo bars unless they're free...

    What a great thread, everyone!! @KiwiMoose i saw another maker who made small travel sizes in 1” cavaities and she sold lots of them like this Wilton mold. It’s perfect for sample sizes! I have lots of hair, thick, ethnic, waist length. I wash my hair once a week. I don’t use a lot of shampoo...
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    Not rendered Frozen Tallow

    I started a batch. Hardly made a dent in the bag. I think there’s still like 30 pounds in there 😳 and I only have 4 - 8 lb buckets to store it. During my purging I didn’t think to keep all the pails I’ve been collecting the last dozen years. Oh well, I suppose there’s gonna be a ton of tallow...
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    Not rendered Frozen Tallow

    I have finally dug out my toaster pan amidst the rubble of holiday storage. I have yet to render. 🙁 things have been a bit nuts with holidaze, Covid family members, death cleaning and closing out the books for the year. I just purged my soap room and am prepared to start the new year’s work...
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    2022 (too soon?) Soap Making Goals.

    Great thread and ideas, everyone! 1 - Get a multi-bar cutter. I’ve snapped my single bar cutter several times this year. My husband made it for me when we started soaping so it’s sentimental but I need to cut 2 - Get a slab mold. I’m thinking 20 lbs sounds good. 3 - Find a couple more places...
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    Picking a Font

    What soap boxes are you using? What does the rest of the label look like in terms of elements? What's your "brand" mood board look like? If you want something cohesive, just showing a font isn't really going to resolve the whole packaging designing. Mid-century / Mid-century modern is soooo my...
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    I did not confess why our dishwasher broke

    I recently had my dishwasher serviced when my husband wasn’t sure what was wrong with it not working and leaking. The dishwasher guy took it apart and dig out all the particles of not broken down dishwasher packs. He said that is the number 1 thing he runs into with dishwashers. We did get a new...
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    Dog Soap?

    I made a dog shampoo once out of the soap berries. I boiled them in water, then strained the solution and added some neem. Our dog had sensitive skin that she had a special diet. She was an Alaskan Malamute/golden Retriever mix so she was verrryyyy furry. It worked pretty well and didn’t bother...