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    Post your Gripe

    Might have to start but might not work, he missed the smell of cooking soap and my mold & clamps melting so I'm thinking a note wouldn't have helped.
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    Post your Gripe

    My gripe: I tried to gel my soap in the oven for the first time, and my husband forgot :beatinghead:
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    Looks absolutely gorgeous
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    The word association game

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    My camera is sucky but I did my first turmeric soap super air bubbles but I like it.
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    Hi from New England. I've been doing CP for about 7 or so months now (total soaping baby). I'm enjoying using natural colorants and making my own molds, I only do small batches right now as I live in a apartment with pets and a woodworking hubs. The soap I'm most proud of so far is a coffee...