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    Hi Lizzy Welcome. I'm from the Chicago area too. Shannon
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    New to soap making. Looking for advise!

    I think oils come in 7 pound bottles but they are still less expensive than other places I've checked.
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    New to soap making. Looking for advise!

    Hi and welcome. I'm in the Chicago area too. If your close to Des Plaines, you can pick up your oils from soapers choice and skip shipping costs. They usually have your order ready the same day you place it. Costco seems to have the best price for olive oil. Shannon
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    Degreasing soap for Dogs and cats

    Try blue dawn dish detergent. It works well. It is also effective for de-skunking dogs. For de-skunking mix with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. I've had the pleasure of using this many times.
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    bath salts

    I bought it on amazon. A little goes a long way. Natrasorb Bath (Tapioca Starch) 1 Lb Sold by: Chemistry_Connection $26.99 I typically use .26% of my batch (6 grams) I found it when I was researching eo safety in the bath. Here's the link...
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    bath salts

    I love bath salts! If I'm adding an eo. I add it directly to natrasorb bath (tapioca starch) then mix the natrasorb into the salts. I make these for myself and family with skin safe eo's. I haven't had any issues with free floating essential oils irritating anyone. As an added bonus, I don't...
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    I need "Labels for Dummies"

    Those are great names. I don't sell but was looking for a name for labels when I gift. My family came up with some totally inappropriate but absolutley hilarious names.
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    I need "Labels for Dummies"

    How about LaraLee Soaps for a name.
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    First time adding fragrance and natural color, would love some advice!

    The first couple of times I used an alkanet infision I used it at 15% of the total olive oil. The color ranged from green gray to gray. As an experiment, I tried it at 15% of the total oils and the color was a really nice deep purple. It did not color the bubbles or bleed onto my wash rag. I...
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    Soapers Choice Quality?

    I'm still new but make a lot of soap and whipped butters for my family and friends. I really like their oils, butters, and pricing. I'm local so I pick up and don't have experience with their shipping.
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    How to use these natural colorants in HP

    Hi KimT2au. Contacting the supplier is probably your best bet. If you want more information on indigo or henna, I order mine (for my hair), check out She has a lot of info on her site.
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    Butters recommendation?

    I did sign up. Mostly because I was ordering a lot and the 20% off was worth the fee. You can cancel the membership anytime I kept it because of the awesome customer service. I didn't even notice that my discount hadn't been applied. Derek or Matt (I can't remember) emailed me and credited my...
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    Butters recommendation?

    I've ordered from bulk apothecary, essential depot and soapers choice. Essential depot and soapers choice were both really good. Essential depot will also send 8 ounces of organic shea butter free with their code. I think the last code was addshea.
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    How to use these natural colorants in HP

    Hi Dawni I've tried alkanet, madder and indigo (green and blue) in both oil infusion and just mixed into the lye. The green indigo might be the kind used for coloring hair (mine was anyway). It stayed green in the infusion and in the finished cp soap. Blue indigo added to lye gave me a pretty...
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    Post your Gripe

    I had a pug that suffered from panic attacks as she aged. Our vet and I looked into medications that had been tested on dogs. Buspar was very effective and she didn't have any physical side effects.