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    Sweet Fragrances (cheesecake etc) for the UK

    Digit, just thought I would let you know I have found a supplier in the UK who does some really cool fragrance oils like Strawberry Shortcake, Hazelnut coffee etc. They don't do a plain cheesecake but I'm sure I'll learn to live with that :wink: Thank you for all you help-it's been a...
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    Bubble bath bar recipe?

    Hello, does anyone know (or have) a recipe to make bubble bath bars they wouldn't mind sharing with me? Also, is it possible to make such an item without SLS :idea: ?
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    High School Musical the fragrance

    HSM the fragrance? I'd say it was very lively and so cheesy only a youngster could handle it... ..saying that though I was expecting it to be a fruity scent. Kinda similar to those other brands of girlie cosmetics you get (often in pink packaging). It could be me but they all seem to smell...
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    Incense--And Other Scent Mixing Ideas?

    How's about: Raspberry and vanilla apple and blackcurrent mango and lime
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    Sweet Fragrances (cheesecake etc) for the UK

    Okay Digit-here's the link for you 8) : If anyone has any suggestions on how I could recreate the sweet fragrances of cakes and sweet treats please do let me know. :)
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    sugar or salt scrubs

    Ditto-the combination of light brown sugar and dark brown sugar with sweet orange essential oil is quite hard to beat-for me anyway. :wink:
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    Sweet Fragrances (cheesecake etc) for the UK

    Hi Digit, sorry I should have explained more clearly :oops: For a FO to be suitable for the EU/UK market is must be tested for a further 26 allergens compared to the testing done to make them suitable for the US due to of course legislation. I hope that makes sense? I'm not 100% if I...
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    Sweet Fragrances (cheesecake etc) for the UK

    Hello all 8) I've been searching the web for fragrance oils such as cakes, cheesecake and cocktails which are suitable to be used in cosmetics in the UK. I've found a few suppliers that sell Pina Colada fragrance oil and I have even found a few sites that give the recipe for making your...
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    sugar or salt scrubs

    I'm gonna be the odd one out-I prefer salt :shock:
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    Carol's Daughter

    Yup, shes attracting big names (celebs). Not that popular over here but I'm guessing its a matter of time before the company becomes big in the UK.
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    palm oil

    I found palm oil at my local Asian superstore-you could always try good stores that carry foods from Ghana as they would usually stock it too.
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    Soap Slab moulds-suppliers who ship out to the UK?

    Thank you Irena :) Alliyah.x
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    Soap Slab moulds-suppliers who ship out to the UK?

    Hi everyone, sorry if this subject has already been discussed. I'm looking for soap slab moulds but living in the UK I'm restricted by what my suppliers can supply me with. Can anyone recommend any mould suppliers in the US that ship out internationally? I've ordered moulds from the US...
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    hi from across the pond

    Thank you all for the warm welcome :) Love, Alliyah