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    Charlie soap

    we gave the charlie soap a try and I though it did very well. It is on the pricey side but you only use a small amount each load. On the other side, my brother sent me a recipe just the other day for homemade laundry soap. It is all he is using now and it cost just pennies on the dollar. Hope...
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    Pine, Cedar, Juniper EO's

    Has anyone ever used any of these in CP? I love the smells of all of these, but don't know how well they will hold up. If anyone has tried please let me know. Thanks MM
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    Magnolia FO

    I live in the south and this time of the year with the Magnolias blooming is my favorite. Nothing compares to this wonderful smell. Like having a "Big O" in your nasal passageway. Does anyone sell this scent?
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    Bergamot in CP

    thanks Krissy thanks for the info. Did you use it in cold processed?
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    Bergamot in CP

    Been a while since I have been around. Still making soap as often as I can or as my few customers will allow. I am doing well with a citrus soap, but have heard that bergamot has a nice smell. Any one know how well it holds up. Side note. When I use citrus oils I use a carrier scent like...
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    my own skin cream problems

    I agree with Molly I hate using anything that isn't natural but having said that, I find we have to do what we are comfortable with. I have to use lye in my soap. I don't know how natural it is, but my choice are limited. In the great scheme of things though, we are all just a bunch of...
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    Mineral Oil and Vaseline for lotions

    I am guessing i can use these for my oils in the right quantities??? Share the info please as I am new at the lotion making as you all can tell.
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    2nd Bad batch. What am I doing wrong?

    What are your temps when you mix? It looks like your numbers are good, don't know what else it could be besides temp.
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    Steric Acid in CP soap

    anyone put this in their soap? How does it turn out and how much do you use? I have also been using the RTCP method as well. Thanks Michael
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    Lotion Calculator

    thanks again Barb.
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    Lotion Calculator

    one more question do i mix everything and heat or just oils and emus. wax??? It seems to get lumpy when i mix a different temps or it that the problem?
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    Lotion Calculator

    Thanks Barb. You are always so helpful
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    Lotion Calculator

    Is there something out there like there is for soap?
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    Anyone want to share a Lotion recipe?

    thanks for the help. what do I use as a preservative and how much?
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    Anyone want to share a Lotion recipe?

    I made some for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Seemed to turn out nice until I saw mold growing in it. It seemed to be nice until then. 1 part emus wax 2 parts glycerin 6 parts oils 12 parts water I was told this was too much glycerin and oils and has no preservatives. Can anyone...