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    "Curing" Melt and Pour?

    I have never herd of MP curing. Depending on the ingredients in the soap. Some may make more bubbles then others. Also depends on your water condition. This would make a good study though.
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    Can I use these in mp?

    I believe you can use Micas. I use micas in my MP. Never made my own mp before though. Thank you for sharing.
  3. Pretty Lady Soap

    Pretty Lady Soap

  4. Pretty Lady Soap

    Pretty Lady Soap

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    My CP Soap

    I am still learning about making CP soap. My latest creation. Soap on a rope using pvc pipe. The darker soap is four thieves soap and the light is scented with salty mariner fragrance.
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    Soap molds from Etsy

    I have and never had a problem. Make sure to read their policy about returns. There are many different sellers on Etsy and not all policys are the same.
  7. Out of this World Soap

    Out of this World Soap

    Cold Process Soap Out of this World Soap
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    Freezy Recipes

    Thank you Rayan and thank you for sharing. I am slowly adding recipes to the site and plan to make some more videos.
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    My beach Theme Gel Candle

    Thank you everyone.