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    Dead Sea Salt

    Have you tried your local health food store? Is there one by You?
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    citric acid where to buy

    where can you buy citric acid? I have seen it online but, I would like to get it from a store if I can to save on shipping.
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    Parents with children who have very sensitve skin.

    Faithy, my heart goes out to you and your son. My younger brother has ADHD and so does my 5 year old son. I am trying to keep him off meds as long as I can. It is a struggle but, we try to work with him as much as we can 1 on 1.
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    Oatmeal baths?

    I make an oatmeal bath too. I found these plain muslin bags. They come in different sizes and don't cost much. You can save $$$ by buying your oats out of the bulk bins (even Organic).
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    SFIC base Co-op interest?

    A co op could be done on the bases wanted most. Just putting my 2 cents. I think I would like a couple pounds of shea also. Tab, SFIC bases are all SLS free right? I think I read that correctly on their site.
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    Parents with children who have very sensitve skin.

    I only use All or dreft in the laundry. Since we have a HE washer I can use less detergent. I am going to order my butters this weekend. Have you tried WSP aloe & shea butter? From the reviews people go nuts over it. I also have to get a stainless steel bowl or two.
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    Parents with children who have very sensitve skin.

    Yes so bad that she can't sleep at times. The local herb and spice shop I get my organic stuff from suggested that I find what she is allergic to( wheat ,gluten, peanuts etc.) and treat the allergy and thus threat the eczema. Also, sprinkle her food with flax seeds or drizzle flax seed oil or...
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    Parents with children who have very sensitve skin.

    Moms are awesome!!! I wonder how many products / inventions have been created because of the love of a parent for a child?? I want to make a body butter as well. At this point I use only Aquaphor on her skin but feel she needs more than expensive vaseline to sooth and moisturize. I have been...
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    scoops for bath salts and other products

    I love them!! Even though it may seem excessive packaging they are made of hard melamine and are reusable. You can keep them for years.
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    Book Smart soapmaking

    Thanks Kat. I think there was an offer on Amazon for both of those books for like $22.30 or something like that.
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    Parents with children who have very sensitve skin.

    Lane, I had never thought of that!! I have tried goats milk both base and added to a clear base as well as oatmeal and aloe. She has done better with this than commercial (out of the store) soaps. I was wanting to try CP so that I could make a bar with flax seed oil. Flax is wonderful for the...
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    Book Smart soapmaking

    The reviews have been great I just wanted to ask before I bought it.
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    Book Smart soapmaking

    Has anyone read the book Smart Soap Making by Ann L. Watson? I want a good book for beginners.
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    Who has best price - Coconut Oil (76 deg)

    some times you can ask the store manager if they can order things for you. Won't hurt to ask and could save money.
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    Selling soap

    Thanks Tabitha. I like to have as much info as I can get, before I get in to deep doing something then it is hard to go back and redo (costly too). I know that if you set up your business in the correct manner you as an individual are more protected if you get sued. I try to read about herbs...