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    Hi from Sydney, Australia!

    Hi Ellen, Yup, you're a soapy addict! ... Welcome aboard :) Ooooh, Hi Johnray :) (Kiwi, you can't win - you are outnumbered :p) @Zany, the only time that much vegemite gets put on toast (open, not as a toast sanger :rolleyes:) is when it's for a foreign visitor such as yourself - just so we...
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    Bizarre, shocking color change

    I don't make bacon soap (although I do like the frugality of using the drippings for soap :)), but one thing did stands out for me ... the colour is almost identical to the colour lye water goes when honey is added to it. If it's not honey-cured ham/bacon, then the only thing I can suggest is...
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    New soaper here – Question about oil temperature

    Hi Cheryl and welcome to SMF! I like using beeswax and cocoa butter in my soaps too, and I usually melt them together, but separately from my main (liquid oils), as they need a bit of extra heat to get them fully liquid. The (naturally) liquid oils I just warm a little, so they aren't cold when...
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    hello new soap maker here

    Hi Natalie, Looking at your picture, it does look like an aluminium foil mold (as shunt2011 has suggested). If this is correct, then your soap batter would have reacted with the aluminium of the mold, which would consume some of your lye and lead to softer soap as a result (of there being less...
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    Online shop up and running!

    Tagged to indicate that the moisterising comment is in response to your post (#2 in this thread).
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    Online shop up and running!

    @Deadgroovy, Good luck with your sales! A small amount of Feedback: Labels: Some of the label photo's are fuzzy (I like to have no photo's, rather than fuzzy photo's). On the lemongrass soap (which I randomly picked as the soap to look at in detail), there is one photo of the soap, 1 fuzzy...
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    Translucent and Opaque soap - how is it done?

    "Everclear" is a strong ethanol that is designated fit for consumption and sold with all of the taxes associated with drinking alcohol. Denatured alcohol is ethanol with additives to make it unfit for drinking (the "denatured" means to take away, and for this product the ability to drink it has...
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    The soap scent review board

    Wasn't me :D ... I do recall @penelopejane talking about fragrances with you tho, so you were right the first time ;)
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    Need help figuring out solubiliser amount

    Hi Dreamer, This COSMOS resource is a searchable list that includes the EXOCERT approved ingredients: This blog compares three natural solubilisers (for use with EO/aqueous blends), so might be of some interest to you - it describes the amounts and...
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    One year away

    Hey Techie, I wondered what happened to you! Sorry to hear that you haven't been happily making soap (there's something wrong with you after all! ;):p) All jokes aside, I reckon the forum issues are more of a glitch or oversight - hopefully they can be sorted out for you (and you can get back...
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    The Dish Forum - problems?

    I joined the Dish back when it was still a public forum and was there for a couple of forum transitions (going private was a big change, but the forum stayed busy for quite a while afterwards, even as it slowly disappeared from public view). Over the years, I marvelled at some of the amazing...
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    What's Left with Soapmaking Friend?

    Longevity was originally included in the Soapee calculator, created by a member here (mcnazar) some years ago. Mcnazar is GitHub account nazar and reddit account mcnazar (see & In this 2015 SMF thread...
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    What's Left with Soapmaking Friend?

    Brief look yielded: ADD requests AR1) Add a Percentage vs Ratio toggle Add a toggle at the top of the page, to set all calculations for lye concentration to be displayed as either a ratio or as a percentage lye concentration. Reason: Add to the cohesive look and feel of the page, by displaying...
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    GLDA, a modern alternative to EDTA

    Welcome! ... It's nice just to be able to find a biodegradeable alternative (EDTA is considered an environmental pollutant), but from what I've discovered so far, it is reputed to function even better than EDTA (and can be simply substituted on a one-for-one basis in any recipe that uses EDTA)...
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    Pain relief

    See a doctor - nerve pain/tingling in feet can be indicative of a serious health issues and those need to be tested for first, before treating the symptoms IMHO. The doctor can also be used to review your Mom's medicines (some medicines have unusual side effects, so if your Mom has started...