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    Fragrance ideas for oat milk soap

    I work with the discoloration. I put extra vanilla scent in half the batter... swirl the scented and unscented... end result is beautiful.
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    Need Rapid Testing / Suggestions Now

    I am always open to a new calculator. Each one I have tried has, in my opinion, pluses and minuses. The main reason that I use a calculator is to determine, as accurately as possible, the correct amount of lye for the amount and type of oil/fat I am using. That is the only reason. Having an...
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    Sodium gluconate

    "B" You have two specific chemical reactions happening at once in your batter. The Lye and oil & lye and vinegar. I do not believe the Sodium Gluconate, or the activated charcoal are directly involved in the reaction. But they can influence the reactions. I would suggest completing each...
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    Sodium gluconate

    Do you add the SG to the vinegar/NaOH solution? Or do you add the SG to the vinegar and then add the NaOH? The vinegar may have its own reaction with the SG which may change the chemistry a bit. ... Just a guess.
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    Piping Rock EOs and herbs

    Check out 'Essential Oil University' on Face Book. Search for the company in question. ... The reviews are not too good, but I will let you read for yourself.
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    Preferred Chelating Agents

    I'm curious, what does it look like? (The crystallized citric acid that is.) Does it look like soda ash? Also, what percentage were you using?
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    Preferred Chelating Agents

    When it comes to using chelating agents, what are your preferences? I know some use EDTA others Sodium Citrate. Are there others you prefer to use? Also, why do you prefer one over the other? I have been using Citric Acid and Sodium Hydroxide to make my own Sodium Citrate.