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    The word association game

  2. Rowan

    The word association game

    Silliness Sorry - edited as replied to the wrong word
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    This is addicting

    Hello and welcome to the forum. I know exactly what you mean about soapmaking being addictive, lol! I still get as much fun out of making soap now as I did when I started. My husband adores the shaving soap you mentioned. He's not too keen on me making changes to it but I might just quietly...
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    The word association game

  5. Rowan

    The word association game

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    Life Changing 3 Weeks

    I'm so sorry for your loss and so touched by the way you are handling everything. Thankyou for so much for sharing. It bought me to tears due to the sadness of your loss but I understand the peace too. I'm sending my love and prayers. As you said one day at a time, one step at a time!
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    Soap Demonstration at a Winter Farm Show - tips needed

    As Relle said. I did something similar, albeit on a smaller scale, for my friend's Hen day, prior to her wedding. She wanted a crafting day but left the arrangements to us. 4 of us presented their indidual crafts and everyone then had a chance to make something. I only gave a soap...
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    I made my own lemony pine essential oil

    Wow, that looks like great fun. I would definitely love to try something like that with English lavender one day and use it in my creams. I read a blog of a soapmaker who produces essential oils for her soaps, in a small town called Lewes. Apparently even the time of day the lavender is picked...
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    The word association game

  10. Rowan

    The word association game

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    Replacing lard

    It's interesting to hear that others have had DOS with palm. I generally use palm in my soaps at about 30-33% and luckily haven't had this problem. It does trace faster than lard and I have to be careful with the stickblender but there is still enough time to swirl. I absolutely love the...
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    My first attempt at hanger swirl

    Beautiful. It looks amazing, especially as it's only your 4th soap!
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    My childhood quilt...and my Grammy

    What a precious gift and so thoughtful too! She sounds like a wonderful person. I'm so glad you had the chance to say goodbye, although it must have been heartbreaking! Thankyou so much for sharing this with us.
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    My Dancing Funnel result

    Oh Wow, great job. I really love the colours too!
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    Browsing soap pics

    I can see why, they are gorgeous!