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    M and P Lather

    I don't make a lot of M&P. Mostly for the holdiays. Yes, I have noticed this. I use WSP detergent free, 3 butter. It is a nice soap but I was not impressed with lather at first. I guess I am used to my CP/HP. However, I did let it 'cure' or sit out a week or so, then tested and it was better...
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    Question about gel

    Hello, I hope it is ok for me to jump in here. My soap looks the same way. I have just started using a wire cutter. I tried washing it and they still have white spots. If it is stearic, what is the answer to avoid the white spots, and if it is wire cutter marks, how do we not get that? I can...
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    Why does my mold do this?

    Use a little valve or glueglue stick to keep the silicone flat toto the wood. Saw on YouTube. Didn't try yet. Also leaveleave 1/2 inch from top down.
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    Solid dishwashing paste trials

    It looks good..seems like not much is used up for that amount of time. Running it under water make it stay cleaner I am sure. Will try it. I have not let hubby use mine yet LOL. Will look for D Limonene to add. How much needs to be added ?
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    Solid dishwashing paste trials

    I just made version 2 yesterday. I tried it right away and was amazed. Everything sparkles, dishes stove counters. I let it sit overnight and it is getting quite hard. I posted a question on YouTube about preservative and then saw another poster asked and Ariene answered it is low in pH and...