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    100% Sheep Tallow Soap turns pink

    That is a nice looking soap made from your own tallow with an added benefit of color without any colorants ie win-win in my book.
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    100% Sheep Tallow Soap turns pink

    I have no idea why it turns pink. Please post photos of your bars.
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    Gentler, longer-lasting bar without lard

    try the following in soap calc: instead of RBO - high oleic sunflower oil at 20, decrease Palm to 30 and either add 10 to cocoa butter or add 10 in kokum butter - that should increase the hardness (ie help with longevity).
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    Do you really need to include liquid oils in your recipe?

    I am trying to create a tallow/lard recipe - my objective is to simplify it while retaining the good qualities of the soap. It turns out the recipe looks nicer (at least on paper) without liquid oils. Although the conditioning number drops due to less Oleic. My question - is there a good reason...
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    Lard and Tallow

    with only 10% CO - I would say no.
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    Lard and Tallow

    Can you clarify this recipe? I want to try an animal fat recipe for my next batch. So your recipe consists of Tallow 40% Lard 27% 18% PKO/CO? Or is it T/L at 27-40% + 15-18% PKO/CO + some liquid oil? THX... I was tinkering at soap calc and so far came up with Tallow 20%, CO 20%, HO Sunflower...
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    First batch recipe pre-attempt feedback :)

    I would add palm oil, lard and/or tallow.
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    Safflower and polynsaturated oils

    Why are you under impression that organic will be low oleic? I get high oleic organic sunflower oil from my local whole foods. Pro tip I found out on this forum; "If the monounsaturated fat is more than 50% of the total fat, then it's high oleic" just check the label.
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    Hi there

    The turbulent times we are living through offer some blessings in disguise. We get to spend more time with our families and we get to finally engage more fully in the interesting hobbies we were putting off due to busy schedules. Now, that I have achieved a decent sourdough loaf I decided to try...
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    Please share your opinions on this recipe

    I am not a vegan. In fact, it was my plan to use animal fat in my next recipe. From what I understand the grass-fed sheep tallow is the best to use and substitutes palm oil in a recipe and the grass-fed beef tallow is a close second. I have not looked into lard yet.
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    Please share your opinions on this recipe

    Thank you for your input thus far. Looks like I must simplify this recipe, so back to the drawing board...sigh... I am also surprised by the red palm oil consensus. The only reason I have it in is that I could not find regular palm oil that is not bleached - deodorized - refined. I looked long...
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    Please share your opinions on this recipe

    First post here. I am about to try my hand at soapmaking. I plan to make soap primarily for my family. This is my first recipe. I am trying to achieve a nice hard bar that lathers good and is easy on the skin. Please help me out to tweak it or reformulate it. I do not want to use more than 15%...