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    July 2021 SMF Soap Un-Challenge - Confetti/Cubes

    Is this an UFO, or did your camera craze out with a bar in the middle?
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    If I have the chance to avoid heavy metal contaminants like copper, zinc or iron (from the plumbing) to get into soap, I'll do. Ca/Mg (water hardness) doesn't accelerate rancidity, but doesn't belong in soap either, IMHO. Bad enough to have these in soap scum all around the sink. Neither I'm...
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    Flint in hot process

    After gel phase, soap is hard and you cannot mix in anything any more. Also, the pH of soap will never be “low” as in “no longer alkaline”. Flint as an ingredient in soap appears highly questionable to me. I'm not exactly fond of the idea to have something with the tactile properties of glass...
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    Underrated spices for bread/brioche/pastry

    Hard to disagree 😋🥰 But caraway really has no chance to be called “exotic” or “underrated” in my kitchen, since I'm already putting it into everything.
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    Opinions on recipe modifications

    I've doubts about the pricing of “wholesale” cosmetic suppliers anyway. How can they charge >10€ for 1 L of HO sunflower oil (conventional agriculture), when I can get more than twice for the same money in an organic supermarket (that still pays rent and salaries from the margins)? Who buys...
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    “If they have no bread, let them eat cake.” Seriously, they're totally worth trying even if one has distilled water at hand! Collecting rain water/melting snow are other low-tech ways to take hold of soft water on the cheap. I don't quite understand? Batch size is directly proportional to...
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    Opinions on recipe modifications

    I wonder if it is blasphemous to ask for the SAP value of Saint Joseph oil…? 🤣 Rice bran oil is an excellent point! I don't know why I constantly forget about it (I'm currently even washing my hands with it on a daily basis). Depends if it is easily available for you. From the purely...
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    Post your happy

    I just found this photograph while browsing through the interwebz, and I had to laugh out loud.,_Salt_Lake,_Kolkata.jpg What a spirit animal, lil' birdie! Looking innocent while assaulting unprotected sunflower...
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    Opinions on recipe modifications

    Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes With a few caveats/comments: I've not found even for EVOO to retain much of its uniqueness in soap (except for the weird colour), but it still has some character, whereas refined HO sunflower/safflower are more or less “invisible” (just add mass/volume but no special...
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    Opinions on recipe modifications

    Unless you have good reasons to stay with olive oil, you might consider to replace it (up to 100%) with HO sunflower/safflower/canola. IME slightly quicker curing times, much lighter colour, and that at half of the price. Regular (mid-linoleic) canola is a good and cheap component of a base oil...
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    (Leuco-)Indigo and a puzzling Soap Chameleon

    Why not exploit the redox activity of indigo? More indigo soap madness here: Indigo vat as soap colourant
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    Indigo vat as soap colourant

    I haven't found SMF hits (prior to this thread polluting the search results) for vat-style reduced indigo as a soap colourant. This comes closest: But 1. @penelopejane didn't add (reduced) vat directly to the soap, but...
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    Tons of glycerin dew and its effect on soap

    Welcome to SMF, @Jomarie06 ! Not so sure about that 😁 You seem like not a beginner at all, but quite seasoned already, with a few advanced and beautiful designs under your belt. You know what you're doing and how. What a bummer that your weather sabotages these beautiful soaps so badly...
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    So now, lemme guess, you're still losing track of time, but at the same time the clock gives you a bad conscience about it? Well made. 😒