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  1. renata

    Tiger stripes galore!

    Wow, both are perfect!
  2. renata

    My soaps for the next BB swap

    Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous!
  3. renata

    The volcano effect!!

    Oh my, that's terrible! I was always wondering...does lye solution damage floor, clothes?
  4. renata

    Ocean clean!! cut pics added

    Oh wow, beautiful! And it has the perfect name
  5. renata

    Success! Slice pics of grapefruit poppy

    Oh I found your cut pictures :) This soap looks awesome! Are you sure it's your first one? :)
  6. renata

    My February Soaps (so far)

    TVivian even though I know you soaps are always GORGEOUS, I'm always impressed when I see a new one! Awesome!
  7. renata

    I am not a theoretical soaper any more!

    Wow, congrats! This is gorgeous soap! You have to show us cut pictures :)
  8. renata

    Banana oatmeal soap

    Oh i love it
  9. renata

    Ocean clean!! cut pics added

    Beautiful! Can't wait to see the cuts
  10. renata

    Experiment with TD and CPOP

    That is a very interesting experiment. I always thought that the heat makes TD cracks...So I usually prevent gel. I wonder what would happen if you add TD to lye and then prevent gel in the fridge.
  11. renata

    Mini Valentine soaps!

    Oh woow how cute is that! What is the size of bars? Last weekend I made a similar soap with a heart inside, but it was all CP. Are youre hearts M&P?
  12. renata

    My pretties

    Wow, beautiful! I really have to try that pencil line!
  13. renata

    My needle felted dragon

    So cute!
  14. renata

    How to get rid of "pockmarks" on CP Soaps

    That is a great tip, I have to try it! And that soap is amazing, really
  15. renata

    My new creation

    All of them are great!