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    Zany's no slime castile

    I use tap water to make bar soap. We also have soft water. I've used both tap and distilled to make this recipe and haven't noticed much of a difference. Provided there aren't crazy amounts of minerals in the tap water, I think the greater difference would be the quality of the water when...
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    Another Wine Soap Thread - HP

    I add at the end of cook. It makes the soap a bit more fluid that way and if you don't mix red wine in totally, you can get a neat marbled look. :) It trips me out how (the variety of wine I've used anyway) hits the soap and turns bluish but as it cools in the mold returns to a pinkish.
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    My family and community are Greek and really into 100% Olive oil soaps. When I make Zany's no slime recipe, they don't believe it's Castile Point being, for some people who just really enjoy and seek it out, that's what they expect and want. Personally, I love Zany's and even do my dishes with it.
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    Hello from NC

    Hello, fellow NCian!
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    Poodle fur instead of Silk

    I just got the funniest mental image of putting finely chopped fingernails into soap.
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    Zany's no slime castile

    I do, but it's specifically my dad's brand made in Greece. I've also tried with his EVOO as well as store bought cheapy stuff. I find that all trace fairly quickly but I like the finished product with dad's pomace better.
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    Zany's no slime castile

    How odd. I find I have to be very careful not to stick blend much at all or it's too thick to pour. It's even worse using lavender EO. I knew there was a reason I hate lavender EO.
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    Zany's no slime castile

    Yes, I strain it and the soap ends up just fine.
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    Zany's no slime castile

    The different results for different people is so interesting. What kind of salt specifically is everyone using? I think even labeled "sea salt" can vary widely. Maybe it's a trace mineral hindering it setting up?
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    Mastic / mastiha resin

    I finally made a batch of mastic soap. It smells so good! I can't wait for it to cure. Hope it still smells as good then. I used Zany's no slime Castile recipe, but powdered and melted the mastic in the oil beforehand. Most of it melted, but I did strain to prevent scratchies. In the future...
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    Zany's no slime castile

    Just reporting that I've tried this recipe both got and cold process. I like them both, but prefer cold process. Seriously, zero slime! Very mild. I got a tiny bit of slime with hot process. YMMV with your cooking procedure. Still very enjoyable.
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    Is homemade laundry soap really a good idea?

    If the vinegar thing was referring to me, sorry for not being clear. I thought the earlier post saying everyone assumed everyone added vinegar meant in the rinse.
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    Liquid bar soap

    In the link, yes, there are two soaps. But if we look only at the liquid soap, the "paste" is shown to be a solid, transparent bar.
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    Is homemade laundry soap really a good idea?

    You poor dear! I'm the same. Even detergents "free of perfumes and dyes" break me out in hives. We are lucky enough to have soft water, so I don't have to worry too much about soap scum in the clothes. Maybe check out your municipal water department website and see if your water is hard or...
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    Is homemade laundry soap really a good idea?

    @Dahila , does the enzyme have or leave a particular smell?