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    Coconut Butter in soap?

    Thank you all for your input. I am going to give it a try. I made it to bake with but I never got around to it and frankly its very high in fat which I dont need! lol Ill post here after I make it. Again thanks! Sherry
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    Coconut Butter in soap?

    Hi all - I have a question that I really have not found an answe to here. I made some Coconut butter ( blending shredded coconut until it turns into a butter) Its delicious! But too fat laden for me to keep eating it. So I wanted to try it in soap. Has anyone used it? Since I have no SAP...
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    Natural Comfrey Soap

    Funny that I ran into this now. I came on here to see if someone made a pain cream with Emu oil. I hope you post about it.
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    My first shaving soap is a success!

    OK - What can I say. I am perplexed! I need a vegan AND palm free vegan recipe! I have tweaked all of my shave soap recipes and I like tallow or Palm. Anyone have a suggestion? HELP!
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    My other hobby

    They are so pretty - I make them and add personal wording and glue them to my mom and sisters headstones at their graves. I had to really glue them on as people would steal them. But I take them all the time for different holidays.
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    Im not sure why this is allowed here! This brings nothing good here to this forum! Im surprised its here.
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    The word association game

  8. redhead1226

    Destash More Items

    Hi Hun! Long time - Ill take the Candellia Wax if it is still available.
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    WholesaleSupplies acquired Rustic Escentuals

    I agree, however, RE shipped lightning fast! I ordered last time on Wednesday and had my package on Friday!
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    Let's play Good News / Bad News

    I’ve been working at home for many years now. So this really was not much of a change for me.
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    My first shaving soap is a success!

    Are you using dual Lye or just KOH?
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    My first shaving soap is a success!

    Hi All! Well after a very long absence from this forum ( too long a story ) I'm happy to be back. I wanted to make some shave soap and even though I have read this thread many many times over the years and made many many batches of it. Since I haven't made any soap at all in almost 2 years, I...
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    This makes me cringe!

    There is alot going on here. But there isn't much that anyone can do but her. First she has no gloves. 2nd yes she is a mess but lots of ppl make a mess. She's the one that has to clean it up. More work for her and he equipment ( molds) need to be cleaned up. But more importantly - if she sells...
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    Bath bombs/shower melts vs humidity?

    My cure for this problem is a dehumidifier and after they are rock hard I package them. I do not make bath bombs but I make bubble bars which the same thing happens.
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    How old can soap be to use as Confetti?

    Sounds good!! Thanks!