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    Let's play Good News / Bad News

    I’ve been working at home for many years now. So this really was not much of a change for me.
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    My first shaving soap is a success!

    Are you using dual Lye or just KOH?
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    My first shaving soap is a success!

    Hi All! Well after a very long absence from this forum ( too long a story ) I'm happy to be back. I wanted to make some shave soap and even though I have read this thread many many times over the years and made many many batches of it. Since I haven't made any soap at all in almost 2 years, I...
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    This makes me cringe!

    There is alot going on here. But there isn't much that anyone can do but her. First she has no gloves. 2nd yes she is a mess but lots of ppl make a mess. She's the one that has to clean it up. More work for her and he equipment ( molds) need to be cleaned up. But more importantly - if she sells...
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    Bath bombs/shower melts vs humidity?

    My cure for this problem is a dehumidifier and after they are rock hard I package them. I do not make bath bombs but I make bubble bars which the same thing happens.
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    How old can soap be to use as Confetti?

    Sounds good!! Thanks!
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    How old can soap be to use as Confetti?

    I have some old bars that I would like to use to make a Confetti soap. How old can they be to use? Or does it even matter?
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    Alpaca Fibre in Soap?

    Hmmmm I wonder why mine didn't dissolve well.
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    Alpaca Fibre in Soap?

    I have done it but it doesn't dissolve well. Certainly not like silk does. I felt soap so of course I tried it with the Alpaca I have and I never did it again. Im not sure of the benefit but I wasn't happy with it not dissolving well.
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    It comes with time. Many of us have years in this craft. Your not going to learn all you need to know just from knowing the FA profiles. Making lots of soap and continuing to learn through others will eventually reap the rewards. Im sure that anyone here will tell you we are always learning...
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    it is the only way to learn. But dont make online recipes. Learn the fatty acid profiles and make your own recipes to try. You will be able to understand better what each oil brings to the soap. It takes many years of formulating and testing to figure ou what works. After over a decade of...
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    Honey in lip balm without emulsifier & preservative

    It was discontinued as well. ☹️
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    how much Coconut oil for a face soap

    HI! Can I ask what did you use instead of the soy? I was going to make this today after years on my to-do list! I do not have soy. :(
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    The word association game