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    Lip balm- First time and a disaster

    Thanks for the tip, Lin- if I decide this is something to venture into I will look for less expensive packaging. There's so much to learn, and so much trial an error. I am glad for this group!
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    Perfume Oil?

    Froggybean, this was on my list of questions too! I made a solid perfume last week with patchouli oil, lavender and tea tree (can't remember where I saw the suggestion) but my ratios were off and I can't smell patchouli in there anywhere. Do you use fragrance oils for perfume? I have a few from...
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    Lip balm- First time and a disaster

    Hi all- thanks for the replies, the hugs, and the advice! I ended up adding candelilla wax and they worked very nicely. It was suggested that I add a little at a time, and use a cold spoon to check for consistency. Worked perfectly, and I like my lip balm. I did end up getting new tubes, though-...
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    Lip balm- First time and a disaster

    Thanks for the advice, Lin. I guess my research didn't quite go far enough- the mix is very soft, and has separated. Interesting to see what it does! And a learning experience, for certain. Now, to wash my tubes....
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    Lip balm- First time and a disaster

    Hi all, I am looking for some wisdom here from people with experience. I have been doing some research and decided on a combination for a lip balm- based on a number of recipes, I decided on 1.5 oz cocoa butter, 1 oz illipe butter, and 2 oz of jojoba. This is based on a recipe that had very...
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    A newbie from Canada

    Hi all, New to the forum and to making body products- so looking forward to it though! I have read posts here a few times while searching for information and thought it time to join. Thought the random question when I signed up was funny- the name of the country to the north... well, north...