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    SMF February Challenge - Spin Swirl

    This looks like a lot of fun! Other than the fact that I've never tried this technique... actually, I've never used a slab mold... Okay, I admit, I'm slightly intimidated, but I'm sure I'll get over it. Hopefully I have enough time this month for several attempts, because I have a feeling I'm...
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    SMF January Challenge Black and White

    1. Jade-15 - voted 2. Snappyllama - voted 3. BlackDog - voted 4. Wildcraft Garden - voted 5. mintle - voted, thank you, I couldnt make up my mind because so many of them look great! 6. topofmurrayhill - voted 7. LP voted 8. Newbie-voted 9. Judiraz- voted 10 JuneP - voted (wished I could...
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    Soap Cutters

    I have Bud's multi cutter as well and can't say enough good things about it. The craftsmanship is amazing - it really is "heirloom quality" like GrantLee63 said. I love how I can easily get consistent cuts now, and how quickly I can cut a batch of soap with the multi cutter.
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    Lime 'n Lard

    Lovely! :) It looks so refreshing. What do you think of NDA's Lime FO? I'm also curious what colourant you used to get that gorgeous shade of green.
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    Show your January 2016 Soaps!

    1) Red & blue drop swirl - One of my brothers showed an interest in learning how to make soap, so after giving him a rundown on the basics, I got him to go through my cabinet of fragrance oils to pick one he liked, and he picked a colour scheme to go with it. The fragrance is Passionfruit...
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    SMF January Challenge Black and White

    Oh, I almost forgot: Here's my inspiration picture for the zebra stripe soap that I entered on the other thread. (I couldn't resist! :) )
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    SMF January Challenge Black and White

    Here's an attempt I made for the challenge that I didn't enter. I was trying to go for leopard print, but it didn't exactly go as planned as my soap batter got way too thick. :( I'm really enjoying looking at all of the other black and white soaps that have been posted. Everyone has done...
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    SMF January Challenge Entry Thread - Black and White

    Here's my entry. I used black oxide and titanium dioxide. I alternated pouring the black and white soap batter with the mold tilted to each side. The soap is scented with Shea & Coconut fragrance oil from WSP.
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    SMF January Challenge Black and White

    I made two batches of soap for the challenge a few days ago, and I'm hoping one of the two will turn out okay so that I can enter it. The batter for one of them ended up getting way too thick and has big air pockets in it. I'll post the soap that doesn't make the cut as soon as I can get some...
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    SMF January Challenge Black and White

    Late to the party as usual, but... 1. TheDragonGirl (this should be fun!) 2. Dixiedragon (houndstooth, y'all, my fellow Alabamians get it) 3. BlackDog (just finished my first one! Ice storm here today, so.....) 4. Seawolfe - woop woop! 5. MySoapyHeart (would love to do this, now that I am...
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    Official Entry Thread for the December Challenge

    Here's my entry. I used 3/4 high water for the base coloured with black oxide, and 1/4 low water coloured with a mix of red oxide, gold mica and crimson sparkle mica, which I drop swirled into the base. Scented with Dragons Blood FO. The fragrance oil discolours quite a bit, so the base...
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    SMF December Challenge- high and low water batch

    Newbie, your soaps turned out so well! The blue and white soap soap is especially stunning. Did you use any fragrance in the soap? Cutting the soaps vertically was a great idea. I was shocked at how long the low water soap stayed fluid compared to the higher water soap - not what I would...
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    SMF December Challenge- high and low water batch

    Sounds like a really interesting challenge! Might as well sign up now and figure out the logistics of how I'll find time to work on it later (details, details...) 8) 1. Lenarenee - pretending like I don't know what I've gotten myself into now! 2. Saponista - So many ideas, so little time to...
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    SMF Soapmaking Challenge November: Drop and Skewer

    I think I just made it in time! I didn't think I'd be able to enter this month, but I finally found time to make one batch for the challenge yesterday and cut it tonight. I'm in love with the fragrance (Manchurian Dragon from NDA) and the colours make me happy. I'm really enjoying looking...
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    Official entry thread: SMF Soap Making Challenge November: Drop and Skewer

    Here's my entry. Scented with Manchurian Dragon FO from NDA. The base is TD, and the neon pink, purple and orange colours are from WSP. I used a chopstick to swirl the soap.