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    Batch Melting Palm to Avoid Stearic Acid Spots

    I set mine on a couple of heating pads til it was melted, then stirred well and portioned it out into smaller containers. It took all afternoon to melt it, but it was worth the trouble.
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    Stackable curing trays for $15 each

    It looks like the tax ID number and company name are optional.
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    soap not coming out of molds well... help!

    If I don't gel my soaps it takes an extra day or two before I can unmold. I have had the corners & edges stick in a silicone mold.
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    Presents - what are you making?

    We do very small holiday gifts in my family. My wife is a long-distance runner. In the wintertime the runners use lip balm on their cheeks to keep from chapping, so I am making her a big tube of balm to use. I also made some tea tree & activated charcoal soap for after running. And for her & my...
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    I love making body butter, but...

    I used mostly shea butter, with a little avocado butter & coconut oil. Even though I used some tapioca starch, it's pretty greasy, but I'll be happy about that once the weather turns colder. I barely scented it, just a hint of vanilla.
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    I love making body butter, but...

    Wow, it's an oily business!! My whole kitchen is slightly greasy, but my hands sure are soft. I'll be the best-moisturized bake in the store this winter!
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    Question about alternative liners for soap molds

    :crazy:Well, of course! Tape! Don't I feel silly. I guess that's what happens when I can't sleep and I read about soap in the middle of the night.
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    Tools question

    I use those plastic buckets meant for mixing paint. I have small ones for my lye water, and bigger ones for oils and mixing. They do retain the scent from the last batch I made, but I have never had the scent transfer to the next batch.
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    Question about alternative liners for soap molds

    I have never understood how the placemats work. Don't they leak where the sides meet the bottom? Or am I picturing it wrong?
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    Hanger Swirl / Gear tie

    I tried & tried to do hanger swirls and always hated the results until I bought gear ties. It changed my whole attitude! Now, whenever I am planning a new soap, the hanger swirl is what I think of first.
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    Lye concentration vs. H20 as % of oils. What a difference!

    Wow! What a difference in your soaps! I have been playing with lye concentration too. I can tell a big difference even between 30% and 33%. At 33% I can unmold and cut after 24 hours. At 30%, same mold and recipe, after 36 hours the soap is just firm enough to unmold, but a little bit softer...
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    Rimmed Soaps.

    Wow! The finished soaps look like they would be so much more complicated to make. But I think I could do that!
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    Latest baking project

    Wow! Great job!
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    First Craft Fair

    Your display is very inviting. I know I would stop to look.