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    Thread titles and my very strange mind.

    Curing rack ideas... The bad news is that the cure for your rack may involve shelling out your life savings on some very unpleasant treatments. You may have to lop off one whole side, but the good news is they make very realistic replacement racks, and your husband will still love you after...
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    Dirt Roots

    Baby bottle liners should be about the right size, and you can find them anywhere that sells baby formula or online. Walmart sells some online -- 50 for $8.00, around $0.16 each.
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    This turned out to be an ugly soap.

    We're always our own worst critics, aren't we? No matter how ugly you *think* your soap is, there's always someone who will like it. It amazes me how I can't seem to make "pretty" soap to save my miserable life, yet everything else about it is absolutely wonderful -- fabulous lather, great...
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    Can I restart my week?

    Thx, @IrishLass That's the one I wanted, but the one I got has just a flat cutter for beveling and doesn't make the pretty edges you get with yours. I'm gonna have to be a really good girl for the rest of the year and hope Santa will trick me out lol!
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    Soda ash! And a few other things!

    I'm not ready to sell any soap yet, but I did some research on packaging and came up with a cheap and easy plan for that. I'm using recycled, brown kraft paper to make a sort of matchbox-type thing, with a little open-faced box inside and a wrapper going around the outside. I punch a hole in the...
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    Can I restart my week?

    @IrishLass I can't even put into words how jealous I am of your beveling! I hope you kneel down and thank the Soap Gods for shining their light on you (instead of cursing them, like I do lol!)
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    Some of the dumbest things I've heard are, "I'm not gonna wear a mask because I'm a Christian, and I should be willing to die for God," and "I didn't think I had to worry about the virus. I'm only 29." Cases and deaths in my part of the US are through the roof. Masks are being given out for...
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    Failed attempt at marble texture :\

    The colors and design are gorgeous, even though they aren't what you were shooting for. Personally, I'd make that "mistake" again intentionally since it's so pretty!
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    Confetti Soap Ideas

    Here's a confetti soap that was a last-ditch effort to save a nightmare batch of coffee soap. After using a bar of it for a while, I realized it looks a lot like my kitchen countertop, which you see in the background. The bars are horribly ugly because, one, I can't seem to make pretty soap to...
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    Neem Oil Accelerating Trace

    Years ago, I made an acne soap for my son using neem, tea tree, and some other additives I can't remember. With only the neem and tea tree oils for scent, it came out smelling exactly like Noxema medicated skin cream. I wouldn't add those two to a bath bar, but the medicine-y scent seemed...
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    Tentative query about castor oil and soda ash - Becoz it can't be true!

    Reducing your water and keeping cold air off your soap should help. Here's a good read that could shed some light on the situation:
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    Expert advice needed on shampoo bar....

    I'm so glad I found this thread! After looking back at older threads about Genny's shampoo bar, I'm going to give this a try. I've been looking for something that's gentle and nourishing on post-chemotherapy hair. There's nothing available commercially (that I know of) that would work for this...
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    Some improvement on my recipe is needed

    Here's a link with a great explanation of why glycerine rivers occur, how to prevent them, and how to use them as a design feature:
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    Let's play Good News / Bad News

    Good news: I found a ball of soap I made 20 years ago that I had repurposed for a different craft. Now I remember that after seeing something about a lady spinning yarn and making beautiful sweaters from her dogs' fur, I thought I'd try spinning my cats' fur, so I used the soap ball as a...
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    No freezer paper, can I line cardboard with...

    Contact paper works well, but once you stick it to your box, it'll be there forever.