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    Almond Cream/Bayberry

    those are beautiful soapies
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    fun M&P on etsy

    Those are some amazing soaps! The price definitely needs to be higher.
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    Do you need to line your mold for MP?

    Yes line that wood mold otherwise that's a big mess!
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    Trouble with Fragrances in Goat's Milk M&P

    It definitely depends on how much fragrance you put into soap and the temp. You don't want to add fragrances to super hot soap nor should the soap melt towards burning hot lol. I add 1/2 oz pp depending on the strength of the fragrance.
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    shaving soap

    I don't have my recipes on hand but you should try cotton blossom crafts
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    Dumb Question

    Only in the cooler months like oct-march I have been able to wrap my soap in wax paper. No melting or shrinkage.
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    so you think you can soap, eh?? (she says to herself....)

    Holy crap those are rediculously amazing! The detail on those soaps is fantastic.
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    Treasuries on Etsy

    BTW carebear your pictures are amazing!
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    Treasuries on Etsy

    If it's a bath and body treasury: moonstruckmagic bath & body http://moonstruckmagic.etsy.com
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    lipgloss ingredients?

    I've tried making lip gloss for myself to look like the lava lamp lol but it didn't turn out good. I need to look for that recipe again.
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    honey taste?...lip balm

    yes they do!
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    Those look amazing!! I saw the soapsickles book in b&n the other day!
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    No Frills Lavender

    I love lavender, great looking soap!
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    honey taste?...lip balm

    I've never tried using honey but have used the flavor oils from bittercreek. The honey was amazing.
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    Bath Teas??

    When I made bath teas, I would make a mix of the teas along with some eo's and salt. They were great in the bath but only sold a few.