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    A dog Ate the Soap...Oh No!

    Like another poster mentioned, it would probably be the cocoa butter that attracted the dog. I would advise her to contact her vet and watch the dog. Cocoa butter = chocolate to me. Base on the size of the dog and amount eaten and the percentage used in your recipe, it may not be a problem. Just...
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    Differences in Soy Wax Brands

    I am new to this and I have only tried to waxes but I like Golden Brands 464
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    Talk to me: different types of wax

    I a newbie to candle making as well. I ordered a couple of candle kits from ebay just to give it a try. Ask the sellers about the items included in their kits, so you know which wax, wick and fragrances you are using. I found I like one sellers wax and the others wicks and F.O.
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    pvc pipe question

    I second the freezer paper. I works like a charm.
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    newbie in Arkansas

    Welcome and I was I had gotten into soaping at 17. Enjoy it and I am sure you can have a bright future in this
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    Corn Oil Question?

    As for Piggly Wiggly in Florida, I remember when they open the store where I live. Hey they gave out really cool coloring books, but that was in 1975 or 76, the was gon in the early 80's. I'm south of Pensicola, between ft. laud and West Palm Beach. I definitely remember the Ms. Daisy reference
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    Does anyone raise livestock???

    I had a chicken named bertha as well. I love chickens. No farm, strickly city. I kept them in my bedroom. What were my parents thinking.
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    Hello...I hope you go for it. I pondered over it for 2 years and I am kicking myself for all the time I lost. ENJOY
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    For the room temp cold processors, here the question. I thought that the oils and the lye is at room temp. On another thread, I was listed that the oils are at room temp and the lye could still be at a high temp. Your input please.
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    New soap maker FL

    Heya Leah, Another Floridian here, West Palm Area
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    Liquid soap making

    I made my first batch of liquid soap today and I enjoyed it. I followed part of the tutorial listed above and the tut. on I did everything in the crockpot. (I am lazy) I cooked my soap last night, let it set and gel overnight. This morning I added my water and waited for the paste to...
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    New to TSMF!

    Hello and your candles are beautiful. Now I know who to turn to for pointers. Welcome
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    ISO some essential oils :) is there a swap forum for them?

    I don't know where, but if you find a source I would love to know
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    Beginner Advice Needed!

    Brit i am new to this as well, here's my imput though. 1.For the shape large top, small bottom-check your local hardware store and look for a mud pan in the drywall area. I know Home depot have this in metal and plastic $5-10. I know they have this shape, i didn't buy it because I wanted a...