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    Soaps I recently made!!

    Actually with some soaps I do get ash, and I do see a tiny bit on these ones too, but it doesn't bother me. I don't use saran because I don't want to ruin the swirlies :D I just put a piece of wax paper over the top (not touching the soap), and then a peice of cardboard over that, then...
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    Soaps I recently made!!

    Thank-you for all the nice comments!! For the orange I just used FD&C liquid colorant, and I used TD for the whole batch, so it made the orange a nice pastel type orange. It smells so good though it's making me hungry!!~lol... :wink:
  3. Paula

    Soaps I recently made!!

    Orange Creamsicle Energy Soap White Tea & Ginger w/ Maddar Root
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    ? on using soap calc 9

    I am confused. You state that it is a 33% water/oil ratio, but in the calc it says it's 38%. What am I missing? Thanks!...or do youmean that the 30% lye concentration is 33%? I am thinking that is what you meant now;)
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    This sounds just like the answer I was looking for!!! I absolutely LOVE shea butter and I use it straight out of the jar (raw) on my skin and it is especially nice on my kids after a bath (I just finished putting some on them about 10 minutes ago!!), and it keeps in the moisture all day long...
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    Why is the Soapcalc giving this reading??

    What I don't get though is why the first recipe I posted is harder than the second. It was extremely hard from the get go!~ Also, what about the cleansing part? Is this bar not going to clean me?...lol...;)
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    Why is the Soapcalc giving this reading??

    Here is the recipe of the first one: 16 oz. palm oil 14 oz. coconut oil 52 oz. olive oil 6 ounces cocoa butter 32 oz. cold water 12 oz. lye crystals Add at trace: 1 ounce Bitter Almond fragrance oil2-3 T. cocoa powder blended into about 1/4 of the soap at trace (after pouring...
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    Why is the Soapcalc giving this reading??

    I made a wonderful bar of soap that is super hard and has a TON of lather. What I don't understand is why the Soapcalc gives a reading of low lather. This is the reading it gives: Hardness:35 Cleansing:11 Condition:62 Bubbly:11 Creamy:24 I don't understand why the bubbly part is...