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    My Soapings

    Beautiful soaps! Just be careful with cinnamon. It can be irritating to the skin.
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    Lining molds

    I made mold liners out of no-melt mylar (found in the quilting section of JoAnne Fabric). They work great! I will never line with freezer paper again. I made 5 pieces for each side of the mold then used clear packing tape to connect the bottom sides to side pieces. (so the vertical sides flap...
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    How much Titanium Dioxide to get soap white?

    I use a healthy teaspoon PPO. I do notice that it cuts differently if I have too much.
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    Troubleshooting: Clear Streaks

    I get this too sometimes when I use powdered colorants vs. liquid. I think it's 1. not enough color and 2. not blended well enough. I always put my color in my oils and blend the heck out of it before adding lye. Just a thought. :) It does look kind of cool!
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    2 new ones

    Green tea :)
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    Celestial Colors! <3

    They are very pretty BTW! :D
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    Plum Tea

    Thanks! The fragrance behaved beautifully. I used Lab colors from BB. I think Purple mist, Azure, pink impatien and red velvet. So I'll probably never be able to dupe it. LOL :lol:
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    Celestial Colors! <3

    The spots could also be air bubbles...
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    2 new ones

    By opalgirl at 2012-03-12 Scent blend of Green Tea and Bergamot & Mandarin. I think I used too much green tea but oh well, it smells great! By opalgirl at 2012-03-12 Japanese Cherry Blossom. I love this scent. I used BB Impatien Pink then swirled in some TD.
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    Plum Tea

    [/url] I love Plum Tea from Bramble Berry! I first made a scrub with it and now the soap. Highly recommend. :)
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    Can you help me name this?

    Hi, I'm drawing a blank on what to name my soap. It is a blend of Bergamot & Mandarin and Green Tea. It will be natural color with green tea leaves in the soap. It's definitely "spa" like with notes of citrus and astringent. I wouldn't say it's relaxing. More like invigorating. Any...
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    Never use...

    Just curious, what are the benefits of adding chocolate to the soap? :)
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    Adding honey

    I add mine to my oils then blend with a stick blender. No pockets :D
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    Help Please- Soapmakers Choice Product

    I put mine in a hot water bath in the sink. Works great. I do it 1st then get out all of my other supplies.
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    looking for an essential oil blend to make an Ocean scent

    Hello, I would like to make an "ocean" scent using only essential oils. Any ideas? Thanks! Opalgirl