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    Soapers Choice like business on the west coast

    If you are in Southern California Cibaria Soap Supply in Riverside has some great prices, I have purchased from them, but not a large amount because I'm in Northern CA. Another one that is in Southern CA with reasonable shipping is Essentialnaturaloils, they are more essential oils, but some...
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    Sunflower oil

    I just made a liquid soap using Trader Joe's Sunflower oil, and love the way it came out. I adjusted a recipe that I found in Jackie Thompson's Liquid Soapmaking book because I just can't leave things alone. I used a 3% superfat 65% Sunflower 20% Coconut Oil 10% Castor Oil and 5% Cocoa Butter...
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    ED lye batches question: I was gifted lots of soaping supplies

    Good Score! I don't have batch numbers for you on the lye, but I believe the problem was during March-April of 2014. I would just do a small test batch. You may be able to search the batch numbers on this forum or the Dish forum. The soy wax would be used for wax melts or candles, if you...
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    My Valentine's day soap

    Wow! Beautiful soap, I love both of them.
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    Fragrance Buddy FO test

    Soapmaker145 I soaped the WSP right around Christmas, the scent isn't like before, and with the same recipe as usual the soap is softer. I am so glad that I didn't get the 16oz bottle. I have used this scent for four years and I have a very old bar that is stronger than my last two new...
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    Scrub soaps

    They are beautiful! I love the blue, do you add the indigo to your lye water, or your oils? I just ordered some indigo, and hope they come out blue.
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    Fragrance Buddy FO test

    Just my 2 cents to some of your questions, hoping Soapmaker145 will reply, I always look forward to her reviews. The Mango Pineapple is a very strong scent on it's own, and seemed to change back and forth from being more mango or more pineapple. That scent really sticks, but don't know what...
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    Average Cleansing Number?

    Also right around 14 and do a split of CO and PKO. I love PKO, wish there was a local resource, but haven't found any.
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    WSP FO Sale (30% Off Sale) 1/24 - 1/25

    Don't know if this will be the case for this sale, but last 30% off sale my shopping cart was emptied when the sale started. So it may be a good idea to also put things on your wish list. I had purchased surplus bottles right before the last sale, so didn't take part, and will skip this one too...
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    Fragrance Buddy FO test

    Thank you everyone! I'm flattered, but I Don't have the patience to do anything very complicated. There are some people here that make things that are completely amazing. I have more than my share of really ugly soap.
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    Trouble with first batch

    You shouldn't quit, it is the recipe not you! That is a Hugh amount of Castor oil, Coconut, and EO. It isn't the best recipe for a first time try, adding an egg would be better after you had done a real basic recipe. I know you will get a bunch of ideas from the people here. The EO is what...
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    Fragrance Buddy FO test

    I can't believe that my P word was censored! I hate to disappoint you because my soaps don't fall into that pretty soap class. The yellow is a little more muddy than when it was first soaped, and the photo is complete with soda ash on top because I haven't cleaned them up yet. Some FO just is...
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    Fragrance Buddy FO test

    Soapmaker145 I wrap all of the soaps that I donate, know that sounds crazy but I wrap them just like I was taking them to a craft fair, or giving as a gift. My sister works with a non-profit in the Los Angeles area and that is where 90% of my rejected soap goes. The rest go to a low income...
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    Fragrance Buddy FO test

    Maybe I got a bad bottle, because there was almost no smell oob. It has a faint scent, at the 3 week mark of curing. I don't have much hope for it sticking around. It may be good for someone that wants an extremely light scent. This batch will most likely go in my donation basket, since I have...
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    Fragrance Buddy FO test

    Thank you for confirming that I hadn't completely lost my sense of smell or was imagining that it was weak. I just smelled it today and I smell a soft floral as well. I am trying to figure out what I could blend it with to make something decent, but nothing comes to mind.