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    Wax blends

    In my case, it's experience not a marketing ploy. I couldn't figure out why everything was dirty/dusty in a certain area but not others until I realized that's where I burn candles the most. Tried beeswax based candles and the residue went way down. Did some reading, tried out soy blends, they...
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    Orange Juice and Orange EO

    Red coconut oil makes a pretty orange soap :)
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    Worst fragrance

    Lust. No. The pretty pink color is intriguing but the usage rate would be like one DROP and that's IF you like overly strong jasmine....
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    Hello From the Big Lake in Florida!

    Welcome! Just a heads up, give yourself a year of testing and trials before jumping into selling-you want to make sure that your lovely soap doesn't turn orange and stink in three months (DOS) especially down here in Florida. Check into the cosmetic laws here, you can ONLY claim it cleans and...
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    Privacy and Google Home device

    This is exactly why I eye Portal and all of those with suspicion.... too close to 1984s world for my taste. I wouldn't trust it personally. That said, you could just unplug it when you're not actively using it if you wanted some of the features
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    Just curious as to who no longer uses commercial made soap

    You guys have reminded me I need to pack my soap for an upcoming trip!
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    Microfiber for Cleaning

    Hrm, I've never tried the norwex/ecloths. The feel of little hooks clinging to my skin is just...bleh. If I get the urge to try it I'll check those out-thanks for the info!
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    Gel air freshener -- is it worthwhile to make?

    Black walnut dust, is it the same as ground walnut shells? Wow, that's a strong FO!!!! Apples and pine would actually smell really good LOL
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    Gel air freshener -- is it worthwhile to make?

    DeeAnna, the problem with the pine pellets if someone is thinking of selling is there are people allergic to pine. I'm one of them! Pine dust on my skin makes me get welts and breathing the dust causes respiratory fun. I used the pine pellets for cat litter for years, but had to be careful about...
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    Microfiber for Cleaning

    I can't stand the feel of microfiber on my hands so i don't use them much. I just use cheap cotton rags (the one with nap like a towel, not the flat ones). The few microfibers I have have to be washed without fabric softener or they don't work anymore, and I hang dry them. I've given up on name...
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    Growing aloe...

    I have several of the tiny ones and a few big ones growing. The big ones tend to look plumper and don't have fancy markings and weird bumps etc...the small ones are all funky looking. I can usually tell how big it'll get by what it looks bigger one , all of the offshoots have almost...
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    help now - spilled essential oil!

    My scale has scarring from FO's from the one time I forgot to put the saran wrap back on the weighing platform. Soap and water and I used a little vinegar. It didn't hurt the scale function since I managed to throw papertowels on it in time before it got to the buttons. Ugh I feel you on this one!
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    Life Changing 3 Weeks

    *hugs* My deepest sympathies.I recently went through losing my second mother almost like this myself. One thing I will point out is if at some point you feel relieved the ordeal (the final care) is over, do not feel guilty. You are not relieved they are gone, you're relieved they aren't...
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    67% Superfat Soap

    The biggest risk is the DOS monster, that's a lot of extra oils exposed to air to go rancid. Not to mention that sounds more like cleaning lotion, maybe a conditioner?
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    Hills Science Diet z/d alert

    Watch the canned only diets, it makes their teeth nasty fast (not just my vet telling me this, personal experience). If you do that, give them something to chew on or be prepared ot brush teeth and pony up for more often cleanings, How do you feed raw and not have a bug problem? I have ant...