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    Tweak my recipe

    I forgot to mention this as well. Add Polysorbate 80, it's a must. I don't think anyone wants oil floating on top of the water in their tub or all over the bottom of the tub when the water drains ~ very slippery. Poly 80 mixes your oils with water.
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    Tweak my recipe

    This was me about 2 months ago.... seems like years. About 100 hours of research and 15-20 test batches I've learned a lot. Here is my advice: 1. Weigh everything. Get a cheap $10 digital scale. using cups when scoping is not going to be accurate. When you finally do get the perfect bath bomb...
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    Help with Bath Bombs

    Simple solution is to buy polysorbate 80 and add some with your wet ingredients ( ) only $5.50 a pound which will be plenty unless if you looking to make 100's then get more. It will make your oil mix with water and should resolve the...
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    How much would you price a bath bomb (or buy)?

    Depending on the site and how much trouble the seller wants to go through its possible to fake some or all of the reviews. Or maybe you just got a bad one. I bought one from lush couple months back that had to be a dud, no fizz little foam it just floated and did nothing after few mins I threw...
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    Bath bomb disasters

    How has your testing going? The press can drive you crazy. I am more than happy to share my experimenting and results with you especially if we are using the same press, mine is the bath bomb press. It seems when using a hand mold the margin of error is this much...
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    Anyone add glitter to their bath bombs?

    Same here. I can take a pinch of glitter and apply it to the outside of the bath bomb and it looks great and appears pretty thick. I can take 10x as much and mix it in with my dry ingredients and you can barely see any of it on the outside of the bath bomb. I am trying to use the glitter for...
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    Anyone add glitter to their bath bombs?

    I hope this isn't a stupid question, I looked around and couldn't find any straight answers. I've been experimenting with adding biodegradable glitters (from Brambleberry) to the outside of my bath bomb as decorations to try to make them look pretty. I've tried mixing the glitter with...
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    Floating Bath Bomb!!!

    A lot of people say to use corn starch if you want them to float is that maybe because cornstarch has a lower density of weight ? So basically the loser you pack the materials the lighter you can make it better chance you have to make it float? Maybe this is just me but I've noticed that...
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    Floating Bath Bomb!!!

    I know floating bath bombs seem to be the thing all bath bomb makers try to achieve. Part being a perfectionist part we want to do it because someone else can, but does it really change the experience any and do customers really care if it floats or not? Anyone know of someone who won't buy a...
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    Bath bomb sizes?

    2.75" large 2.3/8" medium 2" small 1.75" extra small 1.5" mini
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    Making bath bombs fizz more?

    I think I first came across cream of tartar here: " Hollywood-style bubbles " and pretty sure I've seen it talked about here (or on other forums). I know from adding it to my bath bombs I've seen a lot more "foam" coming out of them and little...
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    Essential oil ratio in bath bombs

    My teaspoons and tablespoons also have the equivalent ml for each, so I keep track of my wet ingredients by total ml and use the measuring spoons to get my amount. I use ounces for the dry and use a digital scale.
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    Essential oil ratio in bath bombs

    Thanks You! The calculator there works great. I selected "bath salts" as a few people suggested that it would be the same for bath bombs as well. I also use ml for my wet ingredients and ounces for my dry, so this will be easy for me to follow.
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    Essential oil ratio in bath bombs

    Is that 2% of all ingredients or just the wet ones? Thanks! I am researching and learning which are mild and which can cause irritation. Also learning about notes.
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    Essential oil ratio in bath bombs

    Is 3-5 drops of essential oil for every 1 tbsp of carrier oil a good ratio to use? I'm looking for the strongest smell but that is at a safe level. I've googled this for hours, everything I come across talks about ratios for soap, which I would imagine would be drastically different for bath...