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    The Scent Works Out of Stock

    Well I placed an order for some samples recently and I had great customer service and very fast shipping, but I don't want to invest in larger bottles if I am not going to be able to reorder them later because they are out of stock, etc. I liked several of the samples and wanted to roll out...
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    The Scent Works Out of Stock

    Does anyone have an update on TSW. I have been waiting to order some oils for several weeks and they are out of A LOT of fragrances. A couple more lately have gone to low stock. Are they just selling out and not restocking anything, or is it normal for them to be out of soooo many FO at one...
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    Best Vanilla

    I was just going to ask that question here. I was considering the vanilla de Madagascar from daystar-couldn't find any good reviews on it from scent review. I think they are sold out of ultimate vanilla
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    Oatmeal, Milk and Honey & Lemongrass Green Tea FO's

    I think your FO should be fine is HP as long as their flashpoint was high enough. IIRC, I think my temp. right after cooking is around 150-160
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    best price on bulk olive oil?

    Costco or Sam's here. No shipping fee is a plus. I think it is about 20 cents an ounce at wal mart
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    EO Suppliers

    Lavender and Patchouli is nice
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    Making my first beer soap tomorrow

    I do what several others have said and boil then freeze. Depending on the beer, I may use a slush that the lye is added to, or I may use an almost frozen chunk that the lye goes into. Different beer heats different when lye is added to it. Some beer will melt through slush in no time, and...
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    acqua di gio/sandalwood combo. MAN SCENT!

    Those look great. That sounds like a great combo for a scent. Anything with Sandalwood is good!!
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    My 1st cold process batch!

    Those look much better than my first batch! Welcome to a new addiction!
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    ISO Cucumber FO

    Thanks for all the replies and info. I dont order anything from sweetcakes, southern garden or ahre right now, but if I place an order in the near future with one of those, I will have to try those out. @Badger-which server are you on?--read your blog btw-Oasis here :>
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    ISO Cucumber FO

    Hello, I am looking for a cucumber fo that is true to a real cucumber, like one you just took out of the refrigerator and cut open. I have seen cucumber mint, cucumber green tea, etc. I am looking for plain old cucumber that has a good stick in CP or HP. I have done a quick search here, but...
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    Pink Sugar Failure

    Ok, so I HP my soap, and I read so many reviews on Pink Sugar FO. The description of it sounded like something I would want to make, so I strolled into Sephora and smelled some Pink Sugar Lotion. It smelled just like the description. From what I could gather, many versions of Pink Sugar were...
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    New soaper question on FOs

    Welcome to soaping The thing with FO is that they can be hit or miss. The best way to find out is to search forums for the fragrance name and distributor/seller. As far as anything with Coconut, there seems to be a lot of people still searching for that perfect coconut smell, so that seems...
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    Good, strong coffee fragrance?

    I have WSP coffee bean and OOB it is very strong. I made a batch of HP soap and did .5 oz PPO of chocolate and .2 oz PPO of the coffee bean and I could smell just a faint hint of coffee bean (which is what I wanted) but I cannot comment on a regular batch of the coffee bean. Plus, if you did...
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    The Scent Works worth it?

    Thanks for all the responses. I cannot ship USPS because of the FP issue, plus they make it very clear on their website that it will not be insured if shipped usps. I decided to put some business thinking into it, and came up with some numbers An average price of $12/4 oz. FO will cost...