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    Unmolding a slab

    Hi- I'm about to make my first slab batch. Its about 50-60 sm/med bars. (12.6/9.3/2.5") My question is unmolding, its a silicone mold in a box, if i normally unmold this recipe in my single 10 bar loaves in the same style silicone/box after 48hrs, will it being in a slab change that at all...
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    Is homemade laundry soap really a good idea?

    I've read and researched this lots over the years. I think build up is def an issue, but you have to just decide what is more important to you and I"ve been to stubborn to give it up. It saves us money, i know whats in it, i make the soap for it and my family can't stand the detergent smells...
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    100% tallow

    Thank You DeeAnna- I don't usually use that much water, i will def go back down again. Yes, I think cutting sooner is going to help! I realized to late it was stuck in the mold and still needed to freeze it to get it out, it set way to long i think. Will keep an eye on it so i can cut it...
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    100% tallow

    I use a lot of tallow for cooking, soaping basically for sustainability reasons. I am starting to dabble in 60-100% bars more often. I have had some issues, crumbling edges most commonly and fracturing when cutting. But being fully stuck in the mold as well. I have had to freeze it to get it...
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    Local Pumice and Sea sand

    Hello- I want to make a gardeners type bar with Sand and Pumice from my local beach. I've been crushing the pumie with my mortar and pestle. Was wondering two things.... 1.) do i need to "sterilize" the pumice? My thoughts were the lye would be a good sterilizer. I have boiled it to get any...
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    High but not 100% coconut oil

    -Thank you. I read blogs from other soapers regarding 100% coconut oil soaps is where i got the idea of high temp to make sure the coconut oil was melted. Soap queen was one then i got the idea the other bloggers had just copied off her instructions. I like to soap cooler normally. I'll keep...
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    High but not 100% coconut oil

    Hello- -Yes I'm trying to avoid gel but it partially gels every time. -I've been soaping mainly at 45c/115f for this recipe, trying in and out of the fridge but both end up partially gelled. - I have forced gel and it looks so waxy and the colors of the bar are just not so pretty anymore -I'm...
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    High but not 100% coconut oil

    hello again! (you can read the earlier comments but not absolutely necessary to help with this one) I'm coming back to this 75% coconut oil soap (no salt) as i was really liking it for awhile. Lost my notes and starting to re-trial it. 75% coconut, 12% olive oil, 8% avocado and 5% castor...
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    Thick viscous Eo's in soap

    If anyone is interested in how the peru has been handling, not great! It seizes up after being in the oils to long and doesn't incorporate well. I get drag marks from its clumps in my soap. Its beautiful and i love it. But its a huge pain! I don't have to heat it up to get it out of the...
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    Thick viscous Eo's in soap

    I'm in New Zealand so i doubt you'd know the place, it was sold as a essential oil steam distilled but its more like Myrrh eo thats been sitting around awhile. it was a bit thicker i'd say then maple syrup. 100% pure therapeutic grade Botanical name: Myroxylon balsamum Plant part: crude...
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    Thick viscous Eo's in soap

    i did end up mixing it into warm oils, and as the oils cooled it seemed to all hang out at the bottom, so i gave it one last blitz before i added the lye and some stayed in little droplets but not nearly as bad as adding it with other EO's at trace. This was a goat's milk, oat and cinnamon...
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    Thick viscous Eo's in soap

    Hello- I have recently purchased Peru balsam, its very lovely but very thick. I tried gently warming it last time and mixing at trace with my other oils, this didn't work. It left flecks thoughout my soap. I really love it, i want it to work without flecks. My next try is going to be...
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    High tallow recipe

    Hello all, I've been using locally sourced tallow for ages. When i first started a handful of years back i used really high amounts but eventually found my golden number to be around 30%. I'd like to re-visit high tallow recipes and wondering what other oils people add to this type recipe. I...
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    Mls to Grams costing out soap Metric

    Hello- I have mainly traded soap for other handcrafts, thank you's, gifts and small sales to friends and family over the years. Its time to cost my soap out as people are asking more regularly. So far my brain has done best with using a spreadsheet method. I do not have a mathematical...
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    High but not 100% coconut oil

    Very helpful thank you. i hadn't thought of adding another butter, that seems like another defy the norm recipe entirely. Hmmmm, now i just need to decide if i want the castor/olive/avo or a butter!