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    Testing a few soft oils in 40%

    Hello Kburdette I don't know if there is any significant difference between trisodium/disodium citrate as it concerns how it affects soap, but trisodium citrate is what the soap supplies shop had to give me by that time. Maybe someone with more chem knowledge can help us on your question. Nikos
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    Dual Alkali Soaps (NaOH & KOH)

    That is interesting. At what percentage did you use ammonium hydroxide?
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    Geek Tips

    DeeAnna I think you should also make a liquid soap section in your little soapy treasures corner with this post of yours:
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    Formulating Liquid Soap

    Thank you for your great post DeeAnna! I want to ask you about the different amount of glycerin that you have tried to make liquid soap with. I am always using the 2:1 glycerin:water amount (while KOH solution is very hot) and the time that the ingredients reach the paste stage is around...
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    Soda Ash only happening when extra ingredients added

    Hello As others already pointed out some of the ways that soda ash can be minimized, I have gathered a list of parameters that can affect the amount of soda ash on the top of the soaps and these mostly influence the speed of saponification (how soon NaOH will react with oils before water grabs...
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    Why Olive Oil and not others for base oil?

    Well as others already stated olive oil is one of the major oils in order to formulate a balanced recipe. And it is for the fatty acid profile that it has. Olive oil belongs to the group of hi-oleic oils among sweet almond, sunflowerHO, safflowerHO hazelnutand and other mid-oleic oils such as...
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    Salt bar

    Thank you for the pictures Dibbles, I guess the salt bars need longer than usual time for curring as the relative big amount of salt they have doesn't let their moisture to evaporate easily or it doesn't let the soap crystals form easily in order to give suds quicker while bathing. I intend to...
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    Speed up drying/curing time of CP soap?

    For me the cpop method is inserting the wooden mold in the oven around 60-70°C and I'm watching it every 10 min and when it passes the full gel phase I close the oven and put the mold outside the oven. This can be done in a 20 min time or even more (1 hour max) depending on the water amount in...
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    goat milk liquid soap questions

    Phenolphthalein is a pH indicator and pH is only available in aqueous solutions. In the video you posted the first measurement happens when there must be a little bit of water in the soapy mixture while in the second measurement there is mostly soap paste. If she would add some water to that...
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    goat milk liquid soap questions

    At this little place full of soapy treasures that DeeAnna writes, I think that the next link should be also included: Correct me if I am wrong and the "soapcalc numbers" is already there.
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    superfatting question

    Hi Nite Hawk. The cleansing number of 14, must be due to the 20% of coconut oil or palm kernel oil in your recipe. It seems that you raised the recipe's superfat up to 7% because you might be worried about the CO's cleaning power. You must also account the hardness of your water for that...
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    Speed up drying/curing time of CP soap?

    I want to also add some thoughts to DeeAnna's informative post what I have already learned from her and other's experiences over the past years. I have never had a volcano in my soaping experience but I think that when we add at trace ingredients such as reactive sugars (fructose, lactose...
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    for soap , pure olive?

    I think I might have felt it too with castile soaps (I also dislike them) and I think that the soap scum that the Oleic soap produces (calcium oleate) might be the reason for the drying feeling on my skin...
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    We have to also keep in mind that the same soap will behave differently as it concerns its bubbly behaviour whether the tap water is very soft or very hard.
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    Soap for sensitive skin

    All the above wonderful oil charts that where mentioned, are a good source of information about oils and their properties when applied fresh on human skin within leave on products. When these oils are used in soapmaking, they are transformed into cleaning agents (fatty acids --> Sodium or...