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    How old is too old?

    We visited Aleppo about 20 years ago and I brought back some Aleppo soaps. I found a couple of bars about a month ago. They are very dark brown and I cut one in half to see the inside which turned out to be a beautiful green. The cut is not very good because the soap is so hard. I use it now...
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    Potato soap update

    I realise that I never posted an update on my potato soap. Of course, I had forgotten! And after all these years, I don't know anymore. So, I made another one. I used mashed potatoes as part of the water amount and added them to the melted oils before adding the lye mixture. It thickened a...
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    Dishwashing paste

    I recently bought a tub of dishwashing paste and, as it's quite good, I thought I would try and replicate it. Here is the list of ingredients: Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate Sodium Cocoate Baking Soda Distilled Vinegar Distilled Water Citrus Medica Limonum (Lemon) Peel Oil I am confused by the...
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    Triple rice soap

    Thank you both for your replies.
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    Triple rice soap

    Is there a difference between rice powder and rice flour? I have found this on Amazon: Would it be suitable?
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    Question for UK soapers - water question

    I have had DOS sometimes but very rarely. I think it depends on the recipe rather than on the water.
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    Question for UK soapers - water question

    I'm in Greater London and use mineral water from the supermarket. The big 2 litre bottles are quite cheap (under £1).
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    No, I don't. Sorry! I use Sorbitol at 2% of the oil weight but it is the liquid form. The soaps are fine.
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    I think I read somewhere 2% of the oil weight. Sorry, I cannot remember who said that.
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    Thank you DeeAnna. I usually use castor sugar so I think I will continue with that.
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    Thank you. As far as adding bubbles is concerned, is icing/powdered sugar better than castor sugar?
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    Thank you. Thank you.
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    Does anybody know what powdered sugar is called in the UK? Is it icing sugar? I find the term"powdered" confusing because both granulated and castor sugar are powdered...
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    Sodium gluconate

    I don't add it at trace. I put some of the water aside and add it to that, as well as sugar. I then mix that water with the oils, before adding the lye solution. Incidentally, I now use citric acid to reduce the scum as it is much cheaper. I do the same with citric acid - add it to a bit of...
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    Homemade soap beveler

    Your planer looks great. Congratulations! I really like the picture of the soap with a bow on the top. Is the bow part of the mould or did you add it to the soap?