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    Ghost Swirl

    I swear u can see a bipedal gryphon smoking a cig in the second pic! Umm, turn the pic clockwise an it's the cut face of the mostly vertical one
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    Mixing Soaps CP and MP

    What kind of oils can throw the color off?
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    Mixing Soaps CP and MP

    What would be needed to make a CP Embed and get it to sit correctly in a Semi-transparent MP soap? Do I spray rubbing alcohol on the embed or what gets it to set correctly? Oh, and how do I get TiO2 to turn Goat milk CP soap pure white instead of and off-white/tan color?
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    Ah so every person has a different preference about them. Is it possible to make CP goat milk embeds and MP bars? What would I need if it's not able to mix well?
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    Hey, I'm new here first post and all. I have made a few batches, 3 block/loafs and a set of heart shaped cupcakes. I'm also in southern Cali, and want to know if CP or melt and pour are easier. Especially with Goats milk as we have a small heard is Saanans.