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    My First Rebatch

    Thank you all for the nice comments - at first I was disappointed, but now that the soap is drying, I really like the look and feel of the bars. Pepperi - you were the one who inspired me to do it in the first place, seriously. I used the oven rebatch method, added 1/4 cup milk to 2...
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    My First Rebatch

    You just gave me the best idea. I have some brown sugar and spice FO that I can use to scent the next batch! Maybe some mica for a swirl...hmmm, maybe I won't up on rebatch so soon...thanks laurie!!
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    My First Rebatch

    I rebatched some goat's milk soap in the oven. Took about two hours on low. Scented it with lemon grass and lavender, but did not use enough so it's not very highly scented. I was little put off my the color. Looks like peanut butter or....well you know. The loaf - I used a regular box...
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    Where do you buy Affordable Essential Oils????????????

    you can also try or (or is it I also like to purchase some of my oils from Brambleberry - not the cheapest, but it is convenient when I order. You may also try - it is a division of wholesale supplies plus.
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    Egyptian Musk

    Does anyone know of a good place to purchase this scent? I've tried the scent from, but the scent isn't as strong as I'd like. Thanks
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    Make your own Banner

    I made my banner in MS publisher. Took a bit for me to get it exactly right. Thanks for the tip about photobucket - I didn't know!
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    Do you have a blog for your online craft business?

    I actually have three blogs- a personal blog that links to my store website - that's where I talk about all the tribulations and fun times of being a stay at home mom. My business blogs basically talk about the ingredients that I use and my product. If you're interested, my store is in...
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    Solid Scrubs

    I will be "perfecting" the recipe in the next week or so, so I will def. post my results.
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    Illipe Butter?

    Have you tried it yet?
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    Massage oil blends

    Wow, you can go with almost anything you like! I use a mix of avocado and fractionated coconut oil, 1:1. Nice and smooth w/out being too greasy.
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    How many fragrances...

    I had to really reign myself in when I did my open house. I only had four women -type scents and 2 men scents. My brain could not handle much more than that. I am adding one more scent this time around, so it will be 5 women and maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe 3 men scents.
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    Music while on hold..

    Yes, I totally agree, although I'm a Sirius gal. :D
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    what a MESS!

    I don't think the "poor man's copyright" can really protect names/other stuff. Check out this from It also gives a link to the US copyright office in the body. Hope this helps. I did register my business name, but I did not...
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    Beeswax..Clean up after!

    I use a pyrex glass cup to make lotion bars, I try to wipe it out with a bunch of paper towels as soon as I am done and just keep wiping it until it's as clean as possible. Then I take hot water and a bit of soap dish detergent and scrub the cup with a paper towel on the end of a wooden spoon...
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    Solid Scrubs

    I do and I don't. I wish it were a little harder, but I don't really want to mess with beeswax right at this moment. Also, I got the idea from this bar ... category=1, which does not indicate there is any beeswax used. If I change anything, I will up...