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    First time making soap.. Need some help

    Hi. Most of this ingredients are already by-products of saphonification. Is this a commercial soap? If yes, may i know the brand name? Ill try to translate it for you.
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    Alternative natural extract for skin lightening

    Any Whitening or lightening products are not designed to see immediate results. Even whitening lotion takes time before you can notice changes in your skin. Lightening the skin is not the same as moisturizing it or conditioning it that you can see results in just a few wash. Most asians are...
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    Alternative natural extract for skin lightening

    Sorry for the late reply. its 1 am here, got a bit sleepy. Here are some links of researches made about fruits and plants derived extract that can help lighten skin.
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    The word association game

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    Alternative natural extract for skin lightening

    First of all thank you for the reply. Ive been experimenting with kamias (bilimbi), orange and calamansi. Kamias is seasonal here and mostly grow on summertime (its rainy season now here in the philippines) so its difficult to get the fruit in the quantity that i need. Orange is very expensive...
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    Alternative natural extract for skin lightening

    There are scientific proof that natural extract from different fruits can help lighten skin, remove dark spots and reduce pigmentation when added to soap. Im simply asking for suggestions. Ive been making and selling homemade soap for a little over 5 years but i dont consider myself a pro since...
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    The word association game

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    The word association game

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    Am I overly worried about lye?

    Hi. Im a Chemist by profession and have been working in the Industry since I graduated in 2004. I have witnessed accidents involving chemicals a lot of times and its not a pretty sight. I have handled large quantities of Sodium Hydroxide for pre-production, testing and actual production of...
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    Newbie Here

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    Welcome to the family!
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    Alternative natural extract for skin lightening

    Hi. what other natural extracts that I can use for a whitening/skin lightening soap other than papaya, calamansi and orange? is lemon as effective as orange? is there a known natural buffer to counter the excess citric acid that the orange and lemon produces? many thanks.
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    Whitening soap as new business

    Hi. I'm new at soap making and i want to capitalize at asians obsession with whitening/glutathion soap (specially here in the philippines) and im looking for a recipe that could help kickstart my business. Any help would be great. Many thanks.